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We have changed out look 100%

Check from waybackmachine to see the difference.

How functional would you say that this new design is?

EDIT: Sorry it's www.cari.net
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The site looks nice and clean :) I like it. I think the "Dedicated Servers", "Reseller Hosting" and text similiar to that one your site looks too pixelated and a little too big. Overall, the site looks nice though :) Good job.
I like it, very interactive to the users and very clean as well as professional. Excellent job.
Well, first of all, great effect!

What I like about the site, everything is concise and clear.

What I don't like, it starts out too gray, even tho the special effect is SUPER, but it can't make up a bad first impression. Know what I mean?

Pls review mine: http://cooleon.us/38
i would like to commend you on your use of XHTML 1.1 to achieve that design. VALID XHTML 1.1 i might add. The w3.org validator picked up 5 ampersands (&), in the document. They all occurred within hyperlinks. I havn't dabbled with XHTML 1.1 as yet, but if the same rules apply from XHTML 1.0 then you should be using & to represent an ampersand in your document.
Wow, I really like that, I would choose that over google because of all of the other options (link to gmail, cool icons that zoom, tiny url, software lookup and the word game)
You have to stop hijacking other threads. This has been reported to a moderator and I suggest you stop doing that. Thanks
He may hijack threads, but you got to admit, that's a helluva site.

cari.net is really nice. Is it just me or was it a little "slow" in firefox compared to IE? Can anyone confirm if the graphic changes on cari.net were slow with Firefox... maybe just the laptop I'm on.
Thanks to hottweelz for saying something that has just made me feel so much better after reading brotherhewd's comment.

The website took me 2.6s to load with a 3mbps DSL
looks great, i love the way you've used text where most would use images. The rollovers are really great, but i think there should be more of a delay on "Pick Your Processor" and "Best Values".

i would say the design is original because it uses pictures minimally without losing any design :)
Very Nice

I like the fade in effect, very subtle (and quite origional as is the rest)

As T.M. says more delay on menu's - it is a very common mistake but not a fatal one.

Good choice of colour and layout - all in a big thumbs up :D
Site design is very nice. Fading effect, color combination and layout is done brilliant. I like the most important part that is "black and white" and colored design relation you have done. Well done! :)
However, I agree with Decker on dealy on Menu's. :classic2: