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Redirection site, how much bandwidth?

Well since they only have a little coding on each page, probably not that much. Probably the pages are less than 7 or 8 kb.
actually, the domain files for wzr.net are about 75 to 150 bytes each [yes bytes, not kilobytes]. depends on how many subdomains they have for their zone, and each html page generated is about 300 bytes on average, less than 1/3 of a kilobyte.

some of the largest zones on wzr.net have 7-10 subdomains [each subdomain file includes the separate title, url, and subdomain alias], and only consume 450-600 some bytes each. not a lot of space at all.

the 408 zones on wzr.net right now is about 48.3 kilobytes altogether. that should about sum it up for you.

[Edited by keith on 03-18-2001 at 10:01 PM]
Ok, what I was going on was my cjb.net redirection page. With all the meta keywords and description, it's about 6 KB.
well, unless you use a hell of a lot of keywords or an extremely long description, any simple frames page should only be about 300-600 bytes.
Thanks for the responses...

Just out of curiosity, does any of you have more than 10gb/month transfer?
No, on my redirection site with 250+ members, i dont even get up to a gig.
I've thought about trying to set one up with the Lightning Redirector, using some of the extra domains I have. The shortest one being 1301.net... I'm not sure what demand there is for such a service right now, or how easy LR is to setup. Looks simple enough. :)
hey redirection should be easy to remember like i might setup n8o.com. But i think traffic wise i would think a lot because they would access a couuple of kb per site. So you need to have member bandwith and you main site. But it looks like keith knows best.
actually, when i referred to 300 bytes per framed page, that is bandwidth. 300 bytes of badwidth to be exact. i think we all answered correctly.
all my records are stored in mysql, so i can't give an estimate as to how much disk space it takes up.
>actually, when i referred to 300 bytes per framed page,
>that is bandwidth. 300 bytes of badwidth to be exact. i
>think we all answered correctly.

Dont worry, you were all very helpful, thanks...

What i wanted to know was the *monthly* bandwith needed for such a service and i guess 10gb/month should be enough based on what everyone said...
10 gig/month is enogh for a while :)
We have (had, down right now) >10000 users, and has > 30000 forwarding / day, and our counter comes to about 2 gig / month. But most of the bandwidth goes to people visiting our site.