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Request free RESELLER!!

Its tough to find a RELIABLE & STABLE free host without providing any ads in return, how much more for a free reseller. Good luck buddy, you will need it ;)

If you compare WHM and the panel they give...theirs are much more easier....i have been using WHM for 2 months and when i found reseller panel....it was damn easy to use..much much better than WHM
lol dude.. u want to have a reseller without any ads, forum post and totally free? the hosting company need $ to pay for WHM + Cpanel and the server and u want it free.. wat are u giving them in return?

Reseller panel has just release their CPanel hosting.. check it out..

Btw good luck with ur finding..
bet he was just a kids there and would like to try on whm or just intrested to giving away free hosting
*Sigh* Mate, your never going to find anyone who can give you that. Stop being so greedy and saying that you wont place ads up the top (or initially at all) and that you have to have cPanel and Fantastico.

Its just plain damn annoying to see yourself asking for that. You obviously have no idea how to run a webhost or anything like that, because you cant even be polite enough to request a FREE reseller which mind you dont come every day.

Stop being such an idiot and grow up.
You are just starting out and since you don't want to pay, you just have to bear with the control panel. WHM and cPanel cost money. :p
We have a FREE reseller program designed to help actual newbie
hosting companies get started on a limited budget ...

In a nutshell, the reseller's own web hosting account and DNS servers are
provided FREE of charge and the only thing that we charge the reseller for
is just the hosting accounts they resale to their customers and since their
own customers are in turn paying the reseller for those accounts, this is
an easy way for new hosting companies to get going on a "zero" budget.
There are no free resellers even I need to pay for WHM and cPanel (for my schoolmates to use). The only that is free is what ibnuasad mentions. Its quite easy to use. But If you really need that then I suggest to TRY out WHM in a demo to see how easy/hard it is.(But I must admit is hard:)). I will say that why I give you 100 free fishes and you sell them for $100.00 each what will I get? I will need to pay for the fishing rental fees.
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