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ResellerScene.com Ultimate Fighting Championship | Shared.Reseller.VPS | Helpful


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ResellerScene.com - Shared Hosting | Master Reseller Hosting | XEN VPS Hosting | WHMCS | Helpful People

The only host that offers BIG Promos for watching TV! (or at least jumping on the internet to get the scores)

The CEO of ResellerScene is a HUGE fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®. He Never misses an event. So he's rewarding everyone to jump in on the action. Check out the PROMOTION page to find out more details!

No other host does PROMOS like ResellerScene.com - we're a fan favorite!

More Info: http://www.resellerscene.com/promos.html

So Who Are We

ResellerScene.com is your dedicated hosting partner that will make your personal hosting experience...more personal.
Our clients can't stop thanking us for being "the greatest host" they've used thus far. Here's a few reasons why we're chosen the most.
  • SORRY! NO Gucci or Versace price tag on our hosting. We'd like to compare ourselves with possibly Costco? Sam's Club? Walmart? :)
  • We're insomniacs...sadly we can't help but provide support at 3:12 am because we can't sleep...
  • We are so so very vain...we love hearing good things about our company...(don't tell anyone, but we go out of our way to satisfy our clients so they keep talking about us ...hehe)
  • Our company was created by two individuals. One a hip entrepreneur and the other a server genius. One loves promoting business and the other loves servers. One dishes out coupons and the other dishes out cron jobs. End of the day, both love being helpful.
Helpful People

We're helpful...
When we say we'll be here to help, we mean it.

A couple of clients have contacted us and said they were going on vacation, unfortunately they missed their invoice. Why? Because we paid it for them ! Why stress over an invoice on vacation??

A hosting client went through a divorce and contacted us saying he was closing shop. We gave him a free year of hosting. (just so he can remain open and be a little happier)

A long time client regrettably had to close shop, but paid his invoice only a few days before. We 100% refunded his money.

We're ResellerScene and we're here to help.

SUPERB Support

We offer super-hero like support. Whenever your experiencing problems, we're here to rescue you! What makes a great host isn't just their products, it's how they stand behind their products! Count on us to help you whenever you need it! We're like super-heroes ! Only difference is that we wear our capes and outfits in an office!

30 Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

That's right. No hassles. Let us know you aren't happy with our services and request a full refund within 30 days. Just Like that, you'll get it :) Make sure to let us know what we're doing wrong or how we can improve our services!

Now Offering WHMCS

WHMCS is a great tool for any host. WHMCS offers automatic billing and automatic account creation. Download customer reports, coupon usage, and monthly income. Integrate seamlessly into your existing website or customize WHMCS to your liking. Create and manage your own products, services, affiliates, and coupons. And best part is we're offering it at only $10/mo ! You just can't beat that!!! Check our Competitors!

Rock-Solid Uptime backed by SLA

ResellerScene is proud to offer a 99.8% uptime guarantee to all our clients. If your site is down for more than 15 consecutive minutes due to our negligence*, your next monthly bill is wiped out! No pro-rated refunds, no small font, no behind the works sneaky ways to trick you, plain and simple, you get your next month free!

One of a Kind Host = Amazing Deals

Ok so you don't like this special eh? That's alright! We don't host monthly discounts and coupons, nope, we offer weekly discounts and coupons! Check back next week for the next available coupon to use. Just in case, check our news page also for "not advertised" discounts, since after all, we need to stay in business! :)

Things you should know
  • Reseller & VPS Hosting Machines are hosted in Cedar Falls, IA NOC
  • ResellerScene operates off a Dual - Quad Core Xeon 2.6-2.8 GHZ packed with 4 GB RAM and Raid Array HDD
  • We are using Internap, Sprint, Global Crossing Bandwidth
  • Zend Optimizer or ioncube offered
  • Utilizing PHP 5 !
  • We accept PayPal and Credit Card (MasterCard/VISA)
  • We do NOT price/plan match with our competitors!
  • Price FREEZE! Never Pay More than what you are paying now!
  • Switching Hosts? We'll transfer your sites over to us for FREE! :)
  • We are not resellers! We host our own equipment!
  • We do host legal adult content
  • We do not allow proxy websites! No Warez! No illegal software sharing sites!
cPanel Shared Hosting


Diskspace: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 30 GB
CPanel 11 w/ eAccelerated !
Fantastico de Luxe!
Unlimited E-mails!
Unlimited Websites!
Unlimited mySQL Databases
WHMCS : Add WHMCS Monthly Leased Unlimited License for only $10/mo !!! Can't find it cheaper anywhere else!!!
Just $4.95/mo !!

Order here: https://secure.resellerscene.com/cart.php

Read more: http://www.resellerscene.com/hosting.html

cPanel Master Reseller Hosting


Diskspace: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB
CPanel/WHM 11 w/ eAccelerated !
Fantastico de Luxe!
Free WHMReseller
WHMCS : Add WHMCS Monthly Leased Unlimited License for only $10/mo !!! Can't find it cheaper anywhere else!!!
Just $9.95/mo !!

Order here: https://secure.resellerscene.com/cart.php

Read more: http://www.resellerscene.com/resellers.html

XEN VPS Hosting


Diskspace: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 200 GB
OS: CentOS 5.x
Control Panel: cPanel / DirectAdmin / No Control Panel
Guaranteed RAM: 384 MB
Burstable RAM: 768 MB
WHMCS : Add WHMCS Monthly Leased Unlimited License for only $10/mo !!! Can't find it cheaper anywhere else!!!
Starting from $14.95/mo !!

Order here: https://secure.resellerscene.com/cart.php

Read more: http://www.resellerscene.com/vps.html

Real Testimonials: Real People

Casez Wonder said:
First of all I would like to say how please I am with you guys over the past 6 months I have been hosting with you. I am now confident this is the host for me
SDTrader said:
The pricing is rediculously low. For example $5 for Pearl WHM resellerplan is plainly unthinkable. Support is outstanding. I have had to submit a few tickets (always due to problems
originating from myself-lost passwords etc). The longest I waited for a response was
in the order of 3-4 minutes!. I don't believe I even got one of those "we will get back to you soon" autoreplies. I would imagine some terribly complicated problem may take quite a bit longer but I am certain the wait time would be minimal as you guys take the ticket and act on it right away. Furthermore all matters are dealt with
(not just one leaving a person to keep submitting tickets).
Joey Anderson said:
My time with ResellerScene has been great.
The Support has been quite good, better than expected.
I have made a few support tickets here and there, and they have
always been answered in a few hours, if not less than an hour, which is great to have on hand.
Rob Nelli said:
Your services are by far the best for the money. Your support is absolutely the best I've ever encountered. I've been doing webhosting reselling for 10 years and unfortunately have had to change providers more times than I care to remember and almost always it was
because the support wasn't up to snuff.
Your support has been excellent with extremely
fast response every time ... always within hours. I couldn't be more pleased. I'm looking forward to setting up roots here!!
Hashem Zahran said:
I've found your services and support very Professional, fast, efficient and reliable. I am very happy with the service that i have from you, and highly recommend your service to others.
Betty Haynes said:
I am impressed with
your customer support. The first time I submitted a support ticket
I swear I had an answer in less than 10 minutes. That my friend
was awesome in my book.
Have Questions? Want to know more?

Contact our support desk . http://secure.resellerscene.com

We'll be glad to answer all your pre-sales questions.

Come check out ResellerScene today!

* check TOS

ResellerScene is not in any way affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship®. UFC.com website is the only official website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® and is © 2009 Copyright ZUFFA, LLC.