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Review: FasterUpload.com


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What do you think of the layout for the site?

How can I improve the design?

First 3 people to give me a good few sentence review will receive a free 6 month premium account to the site!

Thanks :classic2:
looks like a very clean design.

I like the integration between your site and wordpress. Only thing I would comment on is to reduce the filesize of that header image, it's 100KB+ best to keep them at around 74KB IMHO, so I'd split the image into 2 parts just for better loading ;)

Aside from that, you have done a really good job. Well done!
Overall it is a nice clean design but the two google ads stacked on top of each other look a bit odd, just because they are not directly on top of each other. Perhaps a larger ad (leaderboard?) would work better?

I think the banner could also use a bit of work, the icon looks a bit fuzzy and out of place. Not quite sure what it is but it's not doing it for me.

The last thing is just the amount of text. I feel like it has a bunch of headers with only one thing below it. For example I think you could move the link to "Upload Restrictions" over to the right, and perhaps get rid of the "Select Files to Upload". Instead a larger, centered button saying "Select Files to Upload" might look better... not sure about that though.

Overall, however, the site looks great. Definitely a tool I would consider using :)
Thanks for the reviews! I will take all those into consideration. Sent you PMs.

One 6-month premium account is left free of charge!
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The only thing I personally am not partial to is the brown stripes on the header. Other then that its a nice simple and clean design.

I dont need the file hosting either, you can give it to the next person :)
My simple suggestions

1) Increase the text box size of the Select Files To Upload text box to at least 30-40 words length

2) Below the text box provide what files can be uploaded ( extentions) if you restrict few extensions, normally no one allows .exe it seems.

3) Move the upload button to the right side or just below the text box Select the file to be uploaded

4) What should do if we want to upload 4-5 files at a time?

5) Remove the top google ads banner and move the things up

6) Reduce the thickness of top header of the site
Thanks, but a couple your suggestions do not make much sense.

1) There is no textbox on the website - what browser are you usin?
3) The upload button is already on the right side - there are 2 of them.
4) You hit browse and select multiple files at the same time will work.

1 ) There is a select files box i referred that only, which is very small in width. I use Firefox
2) The upload buttons are in the bottom i said it can be there near the select file button like you send it.com
3) I know hit upload the multiple file will work but said that the select file box can be given two or three times so that user can check three uploads at a time, this is required since not many are too technical in using upload service.

Now is it making sense ? Want more explanation ?
1) Is this site working now ? I tried to upload the files for checking, it seems the upload button is not working also the Select files button is there but one button should be placed there to select the files, like open or select or something, if we click it the file selection window should open, here nothing is there like that, i had checked in Firefox, is this just in design stage? The button should be provided, the user can select it and select the file to be uploaded before pressing the button Upload, am i right or this works in alternate way?

Is it going to be a free service ? Also TOS is not there in the site it seems, it will be useful if you can give this terms of service in the index page itself.
The site is working - you need to hit Browse and select your files first. Make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.

Yes the user must select files before hitting Upload or it will not work.

The TOS is almost completed - our content restrictions our shown in the blog.

I am not seeing any Browse button there in the site, am i seeing some wrong page? Is it a flash button added ? My browser not installed with flash player i am seeing only Upload button in the site index page no other button there near select files to upload
Yes once i installed it i am seeing that the select files is a flash button you can use a box there which will show the path like yousendit or megaupload instead of providing a button only there
That does look nice - good ideas. I think the strong visible texture is just a watermark... the header's a little dark though considering the intentional colors of the site is bright.

watermark indeed.

I probably would go with a smaller font size though - I'm a minimalist myself.

The brightness can be adjusted, of course, as well as the color (colorization).
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