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Dear Calinax,

Every business owner has the right to make decisions. If I ran a company, I would not be able to host with you. (I instead see the problem at the next level down, and would report findings to the executive level.)

Losing the entire company data would heavily set back business operations for any company. What results is that the risk of a mistake becomes more important than the service you provide.

My suggestion would be to keep the raw data, but reduce services. Then the customer would dig the invoice out of the end user's desk, get it to the President to sign, back to Accounting to cut the check, and then the check gets to you.

Otherwise, another provider would win the account.
great looking site and I wouldn't change much of anything. It has a great feel to it and very confident looking

as far as the other stuff goes. What are you guys worried about? 4 days is PLENTY of time to pay your invoices, especially when it is autobilled every month without you touching anything. If a payment fails from a CC, it is probably maxed out/overdrawn or invalid. If your business is important you are checking your email multiple times per day, you will see the multiple CC failed message. It does not take 4 days to enter a new cc number.

if it fails by paypal it means the account is invalid, or overdrawn. 4 days if more than enough to get that handled

check payments are generally not handled with an online business so the whole running up the chain to the president theory doesn't make any sense. Even if they did take checks it wouldn't take days to handle that process especially if their site was in danger of going down

worst case scenario your data is kept for 30 days. If you can not afford to be down because your business is that spectacular, you have your own backups, a mirrored site and you sure as hell wouldn't be worried what happens after 30 days, you would be worried what happens after 30 minutes.
So, after careful consideration, we have increased the suspension time after invoices due from 4 to 5 days, while the time we would keep backup on server is still same.