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Review Our Website

Discussion in 'Review my webdesign' started by Metalingus903, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Metalingus903

    Metalingus903 New Member

    Hello all! I would really appreciate if you took the time to provide some feedback on our website's design and easiness of use. Be sure to see the design integration of our billing system!


    THANK YOU :)
  2. kiddoman

    kiddoman New Member

    below is my suggestions, I hope you can accept:

    Pros: 1. Well organized codes behind your webpage such as your homepage. Keep up your good work, it is friendly to Google and other search engines.
    2. beautiful navigation, it helps me understand immediately who you are and what you do.

    Cons: 1. I noticed that there is a navigation part named "Web design". After I clicked this link, I don't find a sample webpage or website created by your company, so I suggest you can add some sample webpage or website created by your company so that people will know your ability well.
    2. For every page of your website, you should make different part of your website more obviously. For example, the "Latest from our Blog" part and the "Get Social" part.

    Overall speaking, you created a good website but not that good. At last, hope you have happy time everyday.
  3. wdc

    wdc Member

    I got old laptop with 1024x768px, the font on your site is pixelized, i mean not smooth edges of the font.. Not sure what caused it, but it dont looks much good.
  4. Rado_Ch

    Rado_Ch Member

    Let me give a few ideas here and there too :bandit2:

    In general I really like the content, as it was mentioned, very easy to understand what your product is and what the customer gets. Design is easy on the eye and the customer experience is satisfactory as a whole. Now for the pointers.

    100% uptime? Come on, I know every new company need to emphasize on something unique, their top service, but 100% uptime is as real as "unlimited space" or "lifetyme guarantee". The computer literacy of users is constantly improving and many hosts are actually turning them off, thinking they can make a big deal out of themselves.

    Another thing is the Knowledge Base. We just had an interesting discussion regarding this subject in another forum and I can tell you, that everyone nowadays believes in custom-made KB, built within your website. Integrating one in WHMCS might be easy and not that time-consuming but it looks sloppy and unattended. Take your time to write some useful articles and build the KB/tutorials as part of your website.

    About Us -> We're Hiring doesn't seem to go anywhere for me :rolleyes2

    The whole Help section again takes you to WHMCS sections. Although I'm ok with that here, what really bothered me is that I was navigated away from your website each time. Each option should open the page in a new window, you want the users to remain on your website, play with it, spend some time to learn about you, not pushing them away.

    All in all I do think that this website looks and behaves nicely for starters, but as hosting constantly improves, so should you :angel:
  5. kiddoman

    kiddoman New Member

    A really nice flat web design! Wise color and font style selection. But there's a problem I've found: My screen resolution is 1366 * 768 and the website looks perfect in 100% view, but not so good in other percentage.
  6. Host Dingle

    Host Dingle Member

    Your dosign is good. But seems like a blog site. I don't know why? You may change your image to related web hosting. :)
  7. asifarasool

    asifarasool New Member

    Try to make design more attractive. There is room for improvement w.r.t graphics you use.
  8. Dyna boot

    Dyna boot New Member

    nice website, nice design , easy to understand best of luck!!!
  9. thcservers

    thcservers New Member

    nice design, good luck with your website
  10. kiddoman

    kiddoman New Member

    Frankly speaking, your website is more like a personal website but not a professional web hosting supplier. My suggestion is that you can learn the web design of some big web hosting company and imitate the styles of them to make your website look like a professional web hosting company.
  11. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    The website is looking good but you can change color of the URL section in the middle of the page so it will be more prominent.
  12. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Ok. I think I understand the concept.

    Some notable things to consider.
    The background looks horrible and doesn't suit the design or flat design style.
    Remove the border-radius on top-left and bottom-left, then adjust height by 1 pixel on .dmnbtn this will coincide with the flat style and flow into the search box.
    Add a decent a:hover effect, and also add a hover effect to the blog and login button.
    I think your footer needs some serious TLC, maybe try spanning the footer across the bottom of the div. You can ensure your list items display inline by using "float: left" and adjust padding / margin where appropriate.

    I am a big fan of responsive website designs, that being said, I think you should invest the time to create your theme in a responsive manner. Google actually looks favourable on responsive designs.

    And finally, your html is invalid.

    Always ensure your HTML meets the standard, this is good for cross browser compatibility, as well as easy crawling for search engines.
  13. web developer

    web developer New Member

    I liked this site. But I think this can be improved. Logo in the bottom is not looking good. The social icons are good but these days flat icons are in. You should make every icon flat.
  14. Robs549

    Robs549 New Member

    I just had a quick look because I was interested and in addition to what most others have said I think your "Domains" and "Reliable Hosting" pages should have the same format. I clicked on one, then clicked on the other and it almost seemed like I was on a different website because the formats of the pricing looks so different. Maybe use a similar, if not the same, style on both pages so it looks a bit neater and uniform.
  15. webboy

    webboy New Member

    over all its an excellent layout, but I would suggest to improve font style, have some spacing to look decent and beautiful. Proper spacing will give you a nice touch
  16. web developer

    web developer New Member

    Nice design. I think that I have reviewed your website once on some other platform. I personally liked the colors you have chosen for website. It will be better if you moved toward flat web design.
  17. Justin Reginald

    Justin Reginald New Member

    I think your suggestion would be helpful for me. I will let you know if this works for me Thanks and keep posting such a informative forum.

    640-722 Exam
  18. Nanekor

    Nanekor New Member

    Looks good. I don't have any objection about your side. Carry on!
  19. refcon

    refcon New Member

    I have just go your website , but I see it dont action
  20. yentrang korea

    yentrang korea New Member

    Nice design, good luck with your website

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