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Review this baby, metaskim

Love it. Though I think the feed sections need a bit more diversity. Maybe even a "like this:" part. I always like to find new website feeds to subscribe to, but that post other material they don't all post collectively (like Slashdot, TechCrunch and Engadget all posting about the latest iMac or Andriod phone). Loads very fast too, not sure how slow it was previously, but it loads in about 3 seconds for me. Local could do with better diverse content too. Mine is just full of football/boxing because of Liverpool. In relation to video, I see you have Hulu on there. Could possibly use our geo-locations to determine video suggestions we can actually watch? Since I'm in the UK Hulu is useless to me.
I'm actually working on adding social bookmarking for each news item right now. The collective posting is definitely a problem and I'll try and find a solution. Local content is getting an overhaul, in fact this alone could be its own site.

Thanks for your input, you've given me some things to think about, especially from an international perspective.
Site has been complete revamped from the ground up. Fully compatible with all major desktop browsers and the site is flexible enough to work on modern smart phones. The javascript has been significantly slimmed and content quality increased. Thoughts? www.metaskim.com
I like it. Only thing on first load I can see needs changing is the refresh rate for the tweets, it's too fast.