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Ripped off my site

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Well we had since changed our site due to his unresponsiveness. We figure if he wanted it bad enough to steal it and use the fact that he is in the UK to get around our copyrights then he is more than welcome to it. We will build a new design
US copyrights are recognized by the UK... That's not a workaround. If you could prove that it was yours or that you had it first, then you could have had every right to sue him. If it's worth it that much to you, anyway...
ecsportal said:
Search waybackmachine.org and you can see we have been in business longer than since we registered and definitely longer than Ryan who just "acquired" justahost last year as per his posts on WHT.
Domain: justahost.net
Cache Date: 2003-11-10
Registrar: ENOM, INC.


Registration Service Provided By: Worldwide Property Search Ltd.
Contact: info@scotreg.com

Domain name: justahost.net

Registrant Info:
Just A Host
Ryan Carbin (domains@justahost.co.uk)
FAX: +44.08701215917
Private Address
Glos, Postcode

From whois history.

Looking at the last thumbnail update at http://whois.domaintools.com/justahost.net (as I write this -Thumbnail: 2006-01-25)
We sent him a cease and desist notice as well as the copyright papers etc. Problem is though is the cost involved in trying to fight an issue like this across foreign borders. /shrug
I think the owner of this post does not know what he purchased. If he purchased legal rights to a design, and through godaddy at that, why is he asking for support here on a forum? owner: contact godaddy. They will handle your claim with a serious face.
ephekt: I dont think you even understand the thread heh...

Godaddy just handled the copyright paperwork. Nothing to do with my site.
I'd be inclined to place a notice on your site home page declaring that there is an imposter copying your site, and warning your visitors not to confuse yours with his... But be careful with how you word it, even if you think he's a jerk - be polite, show your manners, and stay safe from litigation.
My two-pen'north, for what its worth...
I think a few of you are not looking at all the inconsistancies to this little saga. Read all the thread, not just the first post :)
Jan said:
I think a few of you are not looking at all the inconsistancies to this little saga. Read all the thread, not just the first post :)

People see only what they want to see :p
LOL what a welcome home

Jan said:
I think a few of you are not looking at all the inconsistancies to this little saga. Read all the thread, not just the first post :)


May I thank you for trying t oput my point across in this forum.
I have just returned from a weeks honeymoon and get faced with an email tipping me off to this delightful post.

I have been through this time and time again with Mr Hatfield across HHO, WHT, private messages and emails, as such I will not bore people with the whole farce again.

Kev, give it up man!

Anyway, like I said - just back from my honeymoon, still on a high and cannot be doing wit hthis saga again.

I have put my points across. if everyone thinks I am a thieving jerk (nice wording from some people who do not even know me, thanks for that :)), so be it but please don't lose sleep over it - I know I won't be.

Again, Jan - thanks very much for putting some valid points forward!

Have fun,

Ryan (the thieving jerk from Just A Host)
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I would just like to clarify a couple of things here, other then the header and the catagorization of the index page, all you are using is the generic AWBS Template so to justify both ends, it is neither something custom made, nor something special. So i do not see how you can copyright a basic template that comes with your backend software?
Isn't it time to close this?

As Hosting-Shack said, people will believe what they want to believe weather its the truth or not.
I think it is getting a little old. Fact is people will believe what they want and it seems Jan has a different idea of how things went as well. Nice to know you have moderators on your side. Thanks Jan :cry2:

Either way, me nor my employees have time for this childish crap. Believe me, believe him, I really don't care. We have a solid reputation and jealousy can certainly bring the worst from people. Think what you want, I am not going to lose any sleep over it either way.

And your valid points...the thumbnail was 08-22-06. His registry date doesn't mean anything. Try searching WHT and see where he was buying / selling templates a few months back. Check the spot where he mentioned buying Just-a-host from someplace else etc etc. My registration dates on the boards mean we were not active on the boards. So?
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It's this simple.

If he has stolen your template, and you have copyright papers to prove it is yours, then you have every right to pursue it, no matter what country he is in.

If he did not steal your design, then stop the whinging and get on with supplying good hosting.

Just my 2 bits.
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