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Scam Hosts

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Ok,thanks all its all sorted. About the 2002-2005 when i designed the site for abacionline and edited it for mini-host i may of added that. Like someone said mini has been in biz for long time and maybe he started from 2002.

Thanks to all and i think this shud be closed, me and james have delt with the problem.

Thnx ken, it has been cleared and everything is sorted.


MINI-HOST IS NOT A SCAM AND WE like T.M said we have very happy clients which i think they are his mate.

PayPal : the accounts are owned by my bro who lets me use them.

IHost: Like i said 10000 time i didn't sell anything, Using words in court wont help, soz i hired someone who took the account for him self and getting me in alot of trouble.

Thanks T.M
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ihostdev said:
Well Mr Heap,

i guess you didn't read my post' very well as i never said our company was or had any intensions of sueing you. We have no rights to sue you if it was you that made that transaction cause ihost was not actually sold. The "person" that did this transaction posed as having it to sell and took the money and ran so it's fraud not intelectual rights being violated. We merly were here due to the other post and trying to help a victim of this cyberkit find there money back and solving who this user was.

Now when it comes to software being distributed illegally it's not so much to worry about being sued but being reported to the FBI for breaking the digial milleniums act which for each viloation is upto 5 years in prison and $200,000.00 fine. To me i would worry more about.

So now that this is all fixed and good now would you please mind disclosing this user "cyberkit" personal info since you must have something on him if you paid him to post for you here so we may give this info to the users who have been reported to been taken in by this scum of the earth which if you need to do stuff like stealing peoples money is all you are in my eyes.

Plus as an added bonus just like you if this users is under age we can report his paypal accounts for being in vilolation of paypals user agreement of needing to be atleast 18 years of age.

Ty then its over, i don't know the guys info he was on the ck hired him he said he was good with forums.
Yeah, I would like whatever drugs everyone's on. It seems to work well in crowded areas.
Too much shonky stuff with these companies. They sure have no ethics when it comes to forum rules.
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