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Script for IPB 1.3 final or 1.3

Also, you may realize that 1.3 isn't for download anymore at IPB for some odd reason. However, 2.0 IS... but it's for LIMITED TRIAL. I repeat it again, LIMITED TRIAL!!
nope its not available bought it yesterday to upgrade my forums. :)

costs $70 dollars or £40 UK pounds :)

I like it pretty much :)

Just got to find a new skin as my old one doesnt work no more :(
it is avail? i chech it last time and they said no more download from 2.0 and 1.3
aki said:
it is avail? i chech it last time and they said no more download from 2.0 and 1.3
its a 15 day trial, that is available, the 2.0 they had earlier which u could use for as long as u want, isnt there anymore.
hmm... i just noticed, ya, ur right. sorry for the wrong info, ive always seen it there, just not there anymore, i guess i didnt notice.
Hasilegend said:
Hey i need to install IPB 1.3 final or 1.3 can anyone give me a link for it.
You won't download it from official site, but there's no need to worry. Just enter "1p3p1Final.zip" in google :)
People are lazy these days :)

v1.1.2 (look for invboard1_1_2.zip)
v1.2 (look for attachement in the first message)

I couldn't find 1.1.1 using google, but if you really need it, I think I have it somewhere on CD.
The trial version is encoded which means you are unable to view the PHP source or modify the PHP source. There are also these hard limits:

  • 5000 Posts
  • 1000 Topics
  • 1000 Personal Messages
  • 200 Members
  • Bulk Mailer Disabled
  • Language Editing Disabled
  • SQL Toolbox Disabled
  • No IPB Portal Included
  • No SSI Export Facilities
  • No ability to upgrade between trial versions
Aren't these limitations a little bit ridiculous?

"I'm sorry, there's already 200 members. Until administrator pay us money, there's no way you can sign up here."

I just made that up, but still...
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But it's still rediculous... I'd rather go with phpBB / openBB / some other forum software... unless my IPB 1.2 can get uploaded right. -_-
IPB should be turned to freeware or withdrawn from the market, I mean, vbulletin has got everything IPB's got and more at around the same license price($166 for vb I think), and having to pay that kind of price for IPB makes people turn back from it more and more, to the point that most people rather use phpBB. (which is great, though I've always found that installing skins for it is a downright pain in the butt :p)

NOTE: I'm not saying that IPB is useless, at all. I'm just pointing out my opinion about its current state.