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Search engine optimizing?


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Well I am just wondering why would you pay someone to do this? Not that I haven't thought about it, because I never can become up on the top 5 of google. I am just wondering what do they do? Is it something that people can just do with out them?

let me know...

My site is kartforum.com and I'm just now trying to make it searchable, never botherd with making it searchable on any of my other sites I've made, so this is a new one for me....
It depends. Some people are experts, and for a nominal fee, they will help you optimize your site for searching. But, this is generally uneeded. Unless the person is a Google insider who knows the search algorithms, it's not gonna be a helluva lot better than what you can do yourself.

Be careful. Some SEO "optimization" techniques can actually get you banned from search engines. So I suggest reading up on some articles.

Also, I have seen SEO offers for prices $1k+. Obviously a scam, there isn't $1k worth of work that can be done to optimize a site.
These days, there is so much information on the net about search engine optimisation, you can just look it up and find out for yourself.

Those companies do things like setup extra domains as 'doorway pages' that are filled with keywords, and redirect to your site. That's one of the things that google has put it's foot down against, and other search engines are following suit.

You'd be best to read all you can about google especially, then have a look at what others have to say. If you can find some decent tutorials (they are out there) then you'll be doing just as well as if you paid for top listings.

If you do want to pay someone to the job right, do a google search on "google search engine optimisation". Whoever turns up at the top of the list is certainly doing something right. ;)
The top result of that search term is a Google page informing people about SEOs.

This is a fun quote from that page...

Be wary of SEO firms that send you email out of the blue.
Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

"Dear google.com,
I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."


Google info about SEOs
you do need good search engine optimization and real search engine optimization does cost more than $1k.

First of all there is allot more to it than you think. You have to fix the mess of the developer that did not know much about SEO. Like frames pages, content placement etc. You have to optimize every page of a site for a various keywords, making sure you do not over do it. Why because every page of the site will contribute to the overall qaulity of the main page's PR. On top of that, web surfers can and will bring up pages of your site other than your home page.

You may have to create additional pages for that customer. Start up an inbound link campaign. Create industry related articles for the site. Make sure they are found on all search engines, directories and web sites in their industry.

A common SEO company trick to get you placed LEGALLY is to get links to your site. They may pay for links on other web sites that have high PR in your industry. Example, they charge you $2,000. a month to optimize your site then they pay $500. a month to other web developers for thousands of links in. What happens when you cut them off. Well they cut you off leaving your site slowly to calm down the ranks. It will probably be better off than it was before, but you need links coming in to you.

Another thing, this company may have to manage your link ad campaigns.

So lets look at this;

If you made as a SEO $52,000. a year and there are 52 weeks in a year. You would make $1,000.00 a week. Just doing half of the things I mentioned would take a week to do. Allot of that stuff is an ongoing thing. It cannot be done by just anyone. There has to be a certain level of experience.

My adivice to you, is to read up on it, so that you can be prepared when you do hire someone. You want to know every single thing they do and it must pass through you to be implemented. Becuase if they spam, you could be in trouble.