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Secrets of Online Business Success

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jessica Johansson, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Jessica Johansson

    Jessica Johansson Member b&

    What is your Secrets of Online Business Success, Please share your view ?
  2. Soeli

    Soeli New Member

    I would say that the road to success is littered with holes and pitfalls. If you do not thread wisely and cautiously, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself at the bottom and wonder over and over again where did you go wrong.
    Build an audience first: It all starts with connecting. When building a business it must be built on people. Searching the hearts of others and building strong ties that believe as you. So before the profit must come the people. You must validate your idea with those around you. Collecting emails, sending tweets, talking on the phone, and exploring the minds of those you see as potential follower of your brand. I would suggest reaching out to 20-50 a day until you get some traction rolling around your idea. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, its almost like trying to start a fire in the rain. Very few can get that idea to spark and it seems as if the world is waiting to put your fire out. So my friend, protect that dream. Don’t run from pain, let it be what drives you another day. I hope you make the first step and chase your dream! Good luck :)
  3. The secret behind the successful online business are:-

    1. Find your USP
    2. understand your competitors
    3. focus on customer friendly design
    4. make customer service your number one goal
    5. check your website is SEO friendly
    6. content is the king
  4. Jessica Johansson

    Jessica Johansson Member b&

    Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying the valuable information.
  5. Luong

    Luong New Member

    In my opinion Secrets of Online Business Success grow fast.

    While it's rare that an online business becomes an overnight success, it's just as rare for it to take more than a couple of years. This is particularly true in very competitive niches. If you're a year or two in and haven't grown at all, it's probably time to reevaluate your business model.
  6. techsophia

    techsophia New Member


    Here are some secrets of online business success.

    1. Find your USP
    2. Understand your competitors
    3. Focus on customer-friendly design
    4. Make customer service your number one goal
    5. Make Google Analytics your new best friend
    6. Check your website is SEO friendly
    7. Content is king
    8. Get customer feedback
    9. Utilize social media
    10. Review, make changes, review again

    Hope it helps you.
  7. Jessica Johansson

    Jessica Johansson Member b&

    Got It, I will try it.

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