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Sell domains site?

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sander k

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Does anyone know a good website to sell domains on? Not Sedo please, as that website is crap with an Ipad.
Maybe flippa.com ? I'm not sure how good it is, but might be worth looking into. If the worth of the domain is not that high and you wish to avoid listing fees I guess a domain forum would work. If the domain is related to web hosting post an ad here at FWS in Ads & offers.
Thanks Peo, I will try out Flippa.
I have tried to sell both domains here at FWS but failed :(

alotoftimebutnomoney.com & IsMybb.com
I am looking for a small amount of money like $10 for both of them or so.

*edit: Flippa asks me to pay $29, thats even more then I want for the domains.
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Flippa is good for selling a website that is actually worth some serious $$$. For low traffic sites it`s very expensive (unless you have an amazing domain name)

It`s a joke the prices they charge, like you say, $29 just for a very basic listing and the there`s the final selling fee. So say if you sold a site on flippa for $100 they would charge you close to $50 (Not worth it in my opinion)

My theory as to why they charge so much is to weed out low quality websites that would no doubt flood their listings. The only winners of Flippa are themselves.
If Peo would sell FWS on Flippa he would proberbly make an insane amount of money on it, not that I am suggesting anything ;)
Thats a very interesting blog post for people that want to sell their website indeed. And I forgot about DP (I am a member there too). Thanks!

But I am trying to get rid of 2 domains exclusive the scripts installed on them. I even tried the MyBB forums to get rid of IsMyBB.com, but no luck there either. While its a perfect domain for a multiforum. I saw that someone registered IsMyBB.info after my post there tho... Lol
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