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Selling many domain including AN5.ORG for cheap!


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Payment due for my webhost, so selling these domains cheap

HoustonCity.info - $15
Engaged.in - $15
SiteShack.info - $5
AngloIndian.info - $5
FerrariRacing.org - $5

Pokering.org - $5 - Pending payment
AN5.org - $10 - SOLD
Yamuna.info - $15 - SOLD
Ganpati.info - $15 - SOLD
TheHimalayas.info - $5 - SOLD
BayOfBengal.info - $5 - SOLD

Payment via PayPal only. Post 'SOLD' to claim your domain now.
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first post :) hello all

do not attempt any dealing with "HozterHosting". This person is a fake, a scammer; lies about his age, location, experience and financial position and has little respect for anyone.

He was first brought to my attention after scamming someone of their domain name (which was partly the other persons fault) on another forum. After googling a few of his alias' (Meshios, Mesios11, Maes etc.) i found several forums where he had caused trouble and being banned for ignorance. Recently being banned from a graphics design forum for offering money to anyone who could make him a desktop, despite the forums offering its services for free. He stated the desktop was to contain images of TUPAC, a DOG, a CAR and his NAME... which he claimed was to be used for a gift, despite the desktop containing his own name (yes, idiot LOL).

As per his posts here, you can gather that he has little knowlege and experience in web development.

Anyway, just warning you,

he's the one who's banned for saying I'm a scammer when I'm not. He's a 13 year old punk kid.

considering you requested a desktop with tupac, a car and a dog and your name ...which you claimed was for a 'net cafe' (the desktop contained your name) and then got banned from the forum for being "retarded" really shows peoples respect for those like you. Considering all the forums you have been banned from for general ignorance and stupidity (PM me for a list of the forums (verry funny)). It is quite evident that you are the 13 year old punk kid, you have no idea what your on about.