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SEO hosting?

sander k

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If I see the SEO hosting offers here at FWS, these don't mean anything right?
It's just a popular name, the host doesn't do any onpage or offpage SEO for you.

SEO hosting should be on a dedicated ip with at least a search engine submission I would say.
I don't see the point, but then again I'm no SEO expert. Usually someone looking for SEO hosting would want multiple sites all with the same host on different subnets? I've had quite a few enquiries for SEO hosting and they've always wanted a lot of IP's on different subnets.
I'm almost certain it has something to do with multiple Websites on one server being allocated unique IP numbers. If one owned more than one Website and the Websites are related to one another this set-up could get search engines to read the back links of each Website as unique (instead of related to one another), thereby maximizing the links and search engine benefits for each Website and the Website's page ranking.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how it works:
What is SEO Hosting?
SEO Hosting is indeed multiple IP`s & Subnets, It`s not cheap too, your going to need a reseller and a bunch of C class ip`s each with their own nameserver for seo hosting to be truely effective.

It`s cheaper to just purchase multiple hosting accounts in various locations with 2-4 websites on each, thats what I do to keep my sites that are linking together look more natural.

I`ve done test`s before, I would say you can probably at a push host around 6-8 sites on the same IP linking together without a algorithm or manual penalty.

Not tried sitewide links, not tested that route yet.
SEO hosting uses traditional and non-traditional methods to improve the optimization of a website, increasing traffic and sales. Some SEO hosting companies provide content creation services, multiple C-Class IPs, and other SEO friendly services.
SEO hosting is important because it takes a lot to optimize a website for the search engines. Building an aesthetically pleasing website is not enough to attract visitors and make sales. People have to know your website exists in order to visit it. A new method of search engine optimization involves creating an online marketing campaign that stretches across multiple websites, IPs, domain names, Class Cs, and DNS. The reason? The current theory is that search engines award a higher ranking to a site that has links pointing on it from related sites located on unique Class-C IPs. Owning multiple IPs for several sites lets website owners create links between their own sites without the search engines finding out.
According to me, we need dedicated IP for SEO Hosting. Dedicated IP can have advantage in search engine which indirectly affects ranking of site.
I agree. Without a dedicated IP they shouldn't say SEO hosting. If not they should be doing some On page and Off Page SEO work. If neither, they should remove the word SEO from SEO Hosting.
As mentioned multiple times by the Google folks, dedicated IPs have absolutely on bearing on SEO anymore.
SEO Hosting is a type of web hosting that improves the SEO of a website—with the purpose of increasing the searchability of the site, thus generating more sales. To do this, an SEO Hosting provider will host a client's websites on unique C-blocks of IP addresses.