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Sexual meditation


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Its fun, I discovered it by having a creative mind.
I was listening to a breathing meditiation CD and thought "This would work with stroking"
And so I tried it.
Now I have full power over my orgasm
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WTF, did Darknight get his account hacked or something? and WTF is "stocking", you mean stroking?
sorry I missed the RRRRR (didnt have a C) so what are you talking about thar man?
No, I didnt get my account hacked, just really bored.

EDIT: I edited top reply to read correctly.
Warm regards.
dude, why are we talking about stroking out junk when we could be appreciating some boobs? im done with this thread.
If everyone votes in this thread that this thread be closed, I'll use the power of democracy to make it so! By vote, I mean to reply how you want it to be closed lol.
i doubt anyone here is uncomfortable with sexuality, it just has no place on this forum really for one, two, i dont think anyone here wants to know about you stroking your cock. im not here talking about getting laid last night and hot wet the pussy was or anything like that. so, thanks for sharing, but, i dont think im alone when i say that we dont care to hear more about it.