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Should I offer Free VPSs?

Chris L.

New Member
Its a simple question with a complex answer. Should I offer free VPSs? I could install zPanel on them. The cost would be about $300 / mth for me. Do you think that there is any way for me to regain that much money with ads?
No not at all. I think you shouldn't offer them, its a waste off time and full of abusers.
agreed- You get so much abuse from shared hosting - it would be worse from vps.

Why offer free vps' ?

Yeah, i third that motion ( this is beginning to sound like a pre school Model UN :p ) . It might work on a one to one basis with people you know and trust, and whoes sites are proven to recieve the amount of traffic worth your while. Other than that, i would call it folly. I'm sorry, but someone who needs a VPS can DEFINITELY afford one nowadays. You can pick them up for like $10
OK.. i guess it is settled then... no free VPSs... and I hate your quote, AMC...
Heres my quote:
"If an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, then so be it!"
Christopher Lewis
I will say as my disclaimer. I do have a customer that has a free vps with us. Only because it is a charity site/forum.

But I wouldn't openly give away vps'

I'd say no, don't offer VPS's, it'll cost too much and make too little.

Also, surely an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind if everyone is a murderer .... infact an eye for an eye would make an incredibly small portion of the world blind .....
The quote is one of Ghandi's more famous ones, and represents (to me) the futility of conflict, fighting and revenge. I like it because of that :p
It's too cliche a quote. How about paying it forward by retaliating against somebody else instead of holding back from conflict. Famous quote - "For every jerk's --- you don't kick, i'm going to kick three."
if you are giving 300$/ month for your VPS, then ofcourse you should not give it for free, as it will be hard for you to gain that much money monthly.
Oh Well, it would be nice if you can donate that $300/month to a charity. You'll get tax benefit.

You'll be tension free which you wont be if you offer VPS.
I think if you do have a strong income coming in, and you think you can handle it i see not why you should offer it OCCASIONALLY, doing so, you could attract more traffic...I would suggest something more like a competition for it...But giving it out for the public is way to Expensive, and also it will be abused badly, your server's security will most likely be comprised.
Its a little risky, if your doing it hobby wise and have the cash to spare it may be fun, hobbies cost money so i dont see any reason why hosting as a hobby should be any different.

Abuse issues are obviously a real threat but if your keeping an eye on the vps accounts i should see no problem.

It would be hard to make any real cash out of it because you would have to require ads which could easily be removed but again as above if your monitoring the accounts often that should be ok.

OR offering a small amount of ram on the VPS and charging for upgrades would be a pretty good offer... most customers dont know how much ram their website actually uses until on a VPS then it becomes a consideration... they dont need to upgrade from shared hosting because they are already on a VPS and it would be easier for them once the site grows to upgrade their RAM requirements.. hence... making you money :)