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Small Request


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All I need is hosting for my status2k script. I will be using my subdomain so I need the host to edit the dns so my subdomain (status.aeroservers.net) is hosted on your server. I don't need much bandwith. I was thinking 100mb 1-2gb bandwith? If you have any questions feel free to contact me Http://aeroservers.net/contact.php
He is running a hosting company on a VPS, for starts. Probably not nearly the control he needs.

My best guess would be if he uses an external DNS provider (I haven't looked), he can have his server status available in case his server goes down. That way, at least his clients can somewhat see what's going on, if something happens. No different than hosting an emergency support site or forums with a separate provider, completely off the network of your main servers. We have been doing that for years.
No different than hosting an emergency support site or forums with a separate provider, completely off the network of your main servers.

Why not just span your hosting over multiple servers? That way not all your eggs are in one basket. I don't understand this nonsense where people have one single box or even worse, one VPS. If you're not running your "company" with a least 2+ servers, you're just asking for a train wreck to happen.
Why not just span your hosting over multiple servers?

Doesn't help if the entire network or datacenter goes down for whatever reason, assuming you have all your servers in the same place. The odds of course are against that, but we experienced that exact problem many years ago when we were co-lo'ed in Phoenix. We had a pair of routers on a bank of our servers go down, we had the datacenter lose its connection to the outside world once. The downtime didn't last very long, but clients were completely in the dark, when all of the sudden, everything disappeared, including our website.

Just recently, in fact, we had the datacenter for our main site undergo some emergency maintenance on the main routers and IOS equipment. While there was no downtime (even though very small downtime was scheduled over a 2 hour window), what if something bad happened? Sure, we could have moved our main site to another server in a different datacenter, and hope that everyones' DNS updated accordingly, but why not just have an emergency site off-network, off your servers?

Even though we presently have servers across multiple datacenters, we still have an emergency domain where we can get emergency emails and supply clients with needed information, should something happen on a larger scale.
I want it to be monitored externally and its because in case something goes down the status script can email me. if my server goes down how is it supposed to email me with the service down. and yes that is what I meant I need to change my dns zone settings. So please if you dont mind I just need a small package set up for me please. My host allows the script. I have my own Vps for the record. And considering I only have about 8 clients there is no need to have 2 servers yet. When the time comes I will purchase another server.
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That's why you don't do that either.

Well of course, but with a startup company like this guy has, he probably doesn't have the budget yet to have multiple servers in multiple datacenters, which is why he is seeking help from someone else. Perfectly understandable.

I guess my main point, is that, for example, if the server or network with our ticket system, etc. goes down, clients have no way of communicating with us aside from the phone. We have our ticket system mirrored across multiple servers, and mirror it every hour, but it takes some work, altering DNS settings, etc. to put those mirrored systems into effect. In the meantime, it's so much simpler to have an emergency site where clients can go for updates, submit emails for support, etc.
Fair enough. This is something that I'd be willing to host for free. 1GB of space 5GB of bandwidth is the standard "free" package that I give away. PM me for more information if you're interested.
Good deal, good luck with the company, and thanks for serving our country!