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Social Reject dot net ???


New Member
I just signed at social reject. I'll give her a bash and see what happens.

This is what ya get:
Up to 50mb web space for your personal Site.
Domain Support for YourDomain.com.
Your own CGI-BIN directory for scripts and guest books.
Full 128bit SSL support and compatibility, with our own resident CA server.
Full access to your own web logs in raw format, allowing you to see who is hitting your site.
FTP uploads for your site.
Personalized support, with dedicated Networking Enthusiasts (some of whom are professionals.)
Daily backups of your data. See the Service FAQ for details.

Looks ok.
There nameserver is NS1.WORLDWIDEDNS.NET
I'm guessing its a dedicated there?

Some things in the FAQ are a bit funny:
"Q. Can your users be guaranteed uptime?
A. Yes. We guarantee a minimum 2.9999% uptime. Or your money back."

This is nice though:
"Q. I need lots of space. Can I get more than 50mb?
A. Space we have. Bandwidth is more restricted. The primary reason we don't offer huge accounts is that we don't want to turn into a warez repository. If you have a legitimate need for the space, we will gladly expand your limits to accommodate."

So, I hope its good!

worldwidedns.net is the new pay dns service from the cancelled free dns service at centralinfo.net.

Connecting to socialreject.net, Port 21 (#1)
Resolved host as:
Connected. Waiting for response.
220 rejectdc Microsoft FTP Service (Version 4.0).
USER q9922004
331 Password required for q9922004.
PASS xxxxxx
230-Welcome to The Social Reject
230 User q9922004 logged in.
215 Windows_NT version 4.0
CWD /mtboz/
250 CWD command successful.
257 "/mtboz" is current directory.
200 Type set to A.
227 Entering Passive Mode ().
ERROR: Data connection timed out.
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
425 Can't open data connection.


[Edited by jonny on 04-03-2001 at 02:09 AM]
hope you're on a dynamic dialup account, or else you just gave everyone your ip address.
oh, yes its dynamic. I'm such a dick. ha ha. It's not my connection at least, sorry friend!

Boy, that was un ugly site. And look at this:

"Free T-Shirt
Only available to the first 20 hosted sites, and only IF we actually make T-Shirts."

This offer is only avilable to those whom have serious need of a podium from which to spout their rhetoric. Availability and Qualification Requirements are fully dependant upon our whims at any given moment."

You spout your rhetoric often wearing T-shirt, guys? :p

According to them, if you want the full 50mb plus 20mb pop accont you need to give them a "sob story"

lol. i could cook up a pretty good one. I like their attitude too, but their site is ugly
I still can't get into the account, they say to turn PASV trasfer off, but no luck. Also, I didn't give them any story at all yet the account was still made.

BTW: What do you guys know about http://www.aletiahosting.com/ its a paid host.