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Steve Jobs resigns


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Steve Jobs has just resigned as CEO at Apple. That's huge news in the tech world, and I can expect the stock prices to take a big hit because of that.
There were rumors that Steve Jobs is a very sick person. and from his statement it sounds like it may be some truth to that.
Yet he did say:
I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.
i'm big fan of Apple, things better not change or worsen by the next coming years.
Expecting awesome gadgets, and products from Apple to buy. =)
He did look sick and thin at his last keynote. This next year will be a big year for Apple. Even though he's still a part of Apple, the stockholders and the world will act as if he completely left the company.
I heard he was sick from pancreatic cancer, cancer is the worst form of abnormal, and corrupted cells in the body if the body DNA starts getting out of control.
Everyone saw this coming from the day he announced he had cancer, even more with the stories covering him taking sick leave, losing more weight, etc within the last few months. Stock holders are ----s if they sell their stocks over this news, they always will be.
if you are gonna buy apple stock, now is the time to do so, before the next phone launch. cause then you can make some money. :D
I bet the stock price will keep dropping. Personally I don't care about him, I don't own any Apple products.
I wouldn't say deserves, but he certainly will be a man to be missed in the tech world. Take the PR and advertising of Apple and the sycophants of the brand out of the picture, he's accomplished a lot. As a person individual of Apple, he's a nice guy without a doubt. Watching any of his pubic speeches (especially the Stanford one) will make you feel better about yourself. It will be sad when he finally passes. Stock holders are ----s, customers who are freaking out over the future of Apple are ----s. Who do they think ran the company, just himself? It winds me up.
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Steve Jobs is one the great architect in the world of technology. He was founder of Apple. All over the world Apple is a brand name. After his retirement too I think he will support his company from back stage.
who cares what you own man, Steve Jobs is a pioneer, he deserves our respect.

word man.

Steve has brought many new amazing innovations to the world for decades now. love/hate apple products for whatever reason someone may have, no one can deny that he has made amazing products and has pushed the boundaries to bring new technology to the world time and time again. there are mac "fanboys" for a reason, just as there are microsoft ones. both have their place and are better for certain things. i will give respect on both ends, even though microsoft is far from my preference.
Although I don't own any of the Apple product, I do feel that it is a loss to the tech world.
Well, thanks to him, Apple Lisa exist, and then other desktops started to exist after that.