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Still looking for a reliable hosting company

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Sorry to post all over again but it seems like the host I was originally interested in always seem to be down. Even on this site it appears that there are very unreliable people. I have posted support tickets to some of them only to get a response days after. This is obviously not a good sign. I am just lost as to why it is no one can be take their job as seriously as I do. Everyone just wants you to sign up so quickly and once they rope you in, then its all downhill from there on.

I am asking just "one" more time. Is there such a thing as a reliable host out there? If so, please, please can someone get serious for just a bit and please guide me in the right direction. I am looking for a host that offers the following.

- Latest version of PHP and MySQl
- 1 or 2 GB Disk space
- 50 - ? GB bw
- C-Panel is a must
- 24/7 Support, preferably by phone or live chat.
- 30 day money back guarantee.

I don't think I am asking for anything out of the ordinary here, so please be serious and honest if you're going to respond.

Very frustrated user.
I would recommend you do your research a little better next time. Look into the background of a host and google some reviews. There are plenty of hosts that offer what you want and will be reliable.

If you'd looked into ottohost.com

The domain was first registered 15 august 2008.

I'd recommend choosing a host that has been in the business a little big longer.
I'm not going to make an offer as we don't offer Cpanel or 24/7 support but there are plenty of hosts out there that do and deliver on those promises.
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If you can give us a budget to work with I can make you an offer. JSHosts has been in the business for a while now, we're a limited company registered in the UK and we're very reliable.

If you would be interested in taking a look at our packages, take a look at http://www.jshosts.com

Once you give us a budget I'll make you a custom or pre-made offer.

Ill give you 1GB Space - 50GB Bandwidth - Unlimited amount of features - cPanel - Fantastico - £1 per quarter.

Support via MSN or 24/7 ticketing service. Less than 24 Hours average answer time.

Ill give you a 30 Day money back guarantee.

You dont ask for a lot, so i wont ask for a lot!

If you are interested, or have any questions, email : cdkhosting@hotmail.co.uk
My budget is around 6-7USD a month. It is a very small/new site so there isn't much content or even users. I do want to be able to test my other CMS's such as PHP-Fusion, FluxBB and similar so I would need a few db's.

Hello shedrock,

I'm sorry to hear you have such bad experience with small hosting providers. We are all aware that there are many of those out there.

Because you have had so much bad experiences I find it reasonable to believe that you will not easily trust someone offering "30 day money back guarantee" as there is no real way to know if you're actually going to get your money back or not. For this reason I would like to offer you the first month for free.

You might be interested in one of the following packages:
RadixONE: 3000MB Disk Space - 30GB Monthly Transfer - $3.00/month
RadixTWO: 6000MB Disk Space - 60GB Monthly Transfer - $6.00/month

To get your first month for free, please contact our sales department via our website after your order (and before you pay!) and include the link to this thread. We will then reverse your invoice and activate your account for free. If you do not like our services, you simply cancel your account. If you decide to keep it, you just pay the invoice you'll receive automatically after a month.


Best regards,
Josh Burt
I just signed up with Radix Hosting so this thread can now be locked.

Thank you for all the assistance guys. It was greatly appreciated.

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