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Strange Day

Jordan Mclay

Nlc You Say?
Just had one of the worst if not the worst day of my life,

Woke up this morning everything was going fine, my day was great untill earlier on i had found out a really good mate of mines had hung himself and tbh i dont know what to do or how to take it he was such a nice lad couldn't beat him such a promising life ahead of him with his football, he would never walk past someone he knew and just say hi he would always stop to see how they were.

Everyone around me who i care for just seems to be dissapearing :(

Sorry for taking up 30 seconds of your time to read this, but i had to get it out :'(

Jordan Mclay

Nlc You Say?
Thanks Stan & Colin,

The reason he had done this was he got into a fight with a guy in town and he picked up a bottle which he hut him with in self defense, he was due to appear in court but i guess he couldn't take it :(

I wan't to go around and offer my condolences but i feel it is too early to think about doing that yet.
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Oh wow, that sucks :(

You should probably get some councilling, that usually helps people get over such a tragic thing such as this.


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I'm really sorry to hear that.

Here's what I think about counseling (as suggested by NetXHosting):
- For girls: It's great... It's their escape mechanism. They will feel better quickly.
- For boys: It will seemed as stupid. Boys prefer to solve their own problem by themselves, so, counseling is pointless. :)


Jordan, I can't pretend to understand what it feels like, hope your able to deal with it.


Thats really weird.. My fionce roped me into a suicide talk thing yesterday.

Sorry to hear about it dude.


Jay Street
this is terrible Jordan. I have had 2 friends die of suicide, and believe me, i know how it feels. it make you sad they are gone, but, at the same time it pisses you off cause someone does such a chick ---- selfish act like that. it is an emotional roller coaster. just remember, no matter the circumstance on why it happened, just stay strong and know he is in a better place. i am still working on fully getting over my close friend being murdered a couple months back. so, i can totally feel your pain bro. take care.


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I feel sorry for you and your friend Jordan... hopefully, time can heal wounds.
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I wish you the best,
a friend of mine that I know of... his tribe that he's in(his dad is the chief) the village has gone through many hangings. A lot of his cousins and maybe brothers have done the same thing. I don't know how he handles it, but he does.


That's awful, haven't had anything like that happen to me yet, but I know how much it sucks to deal with death of a close friend/relative.

You'll get over it soon enough hopefully, these things do tend to leave a bit of a scar though :/