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Stupid DMCA

Why can that bunch of little ----ers go ---- themselves? Seriously, why haven't they already realized that it won't make any difference, they've never accomplished anything with their draconian bull---- and they never will.

They're already doing nothing for us regarding NetNeutrality and other bull---- that companies are shoving up our asses... can't they ---- off for a few seconds! And can't the gov actually do something for the people instead of the corp?

Do what the pirates do. :) They even post their reports on their website for everyone to laugh at - and I sure do. hehe
Im glad I live in a country that dont give a ---- about copyrights (they pretend to but really dont issue any police funding to catch copyrighters)
Our police are going after pedos more than copyright and rightfully so.
Its also stupid to ban ways for people to make a personal backup lol, less people will buy dvds and more will just download them because of being able to backup.
Cool logic US courts.

I really dont listen to any of this bull----, I just download stuff if I feel like it like vista I got it with a computer once, formatted it with xp, then wanted vista again later, ---- I am going to go spend 200$ on a OS I have already been giving once just because some stupid ----ing license file tells me my copy that I had cant be used again?
HAHA, and this ---- with GTA4 has really made me mad, I considered downloading it but because I love the game I went out and brought it, they spent more ----ing time trying to make it uncopyable then building a decent story line, and the ----ing game got copied anyway, it probably would of been a faster install if I had just downloaded the ----ing thing, I go buy a game and get treated like a ----ing criminal, there is no "THANKS FOR BUYING THIS" Screen, just a heap of screens telling me I need to prove to some rockstar server I own it and didnt rip them off, thanks for treating your customers like criminals rockstar, last time I buy your ----.
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