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swapping links?


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I, like all other webmasters, want my page to popular, rank high, and sit at the top of the search engines...

So, in looking for ways to optimize I see everyone talking about links. I see the link farms and am frankly skeptical of them... i mean, really, how useful could a site with 1,000,000 other links do for me?

I have looked at the scripts for reciprocal linking and it sounds promising, but first I have to find these good webmasters... where would I look?

Is there a decent way of attracting sites that are "link worthy" and willing to link? Do reciprocal link pages ever work?

Generally, links only matter when they come from sites that are already recognised as high ranking sites. If you had a hundred links from dodgy, small time webpages, then you may see an improvement in rank, but a few links from high ranking pages will get you a lot further.

Link farms, well you're right to be skeptical. I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet they're not much use at all.

I'm willing to trade links, email me if you want to see if we can work something out. I haven't got an established site just yet, but I'm working on it :cool2:
you only want links that are in the same industry as you no matter who they are.

High PR links will help you tremendosuly. But you need allot of links regardless, so i say link away.

recripocal links are said to be bad in some SEO circles and I may tend to agree with them.

Look at it like this. The spider goes to a site with a ton of links then it follows all the links and it finds links right back to where it came from. It thinks "hey this guy tried to trick me".

If you have another industry related web site try this.

Links in to your site, then link to your other site, this site has all links out.

Site A to Site B to Site C which points to A

I think the penalty is not that great and the more links coming in for the normal site is more good than bad. But for those guys fighting for number 1 position for a keyword it matters.

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