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Temperary Backup Space Needed - URGENT

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I need some backup space for a day or two to place all accounts and data from deisehost while a Hard Disc replacement is taking place.

Not 100% sure on how much space is needed. But there are a lot of accounts - 417 in all.
Will also need assistance transferring the accounts and data from my server to yours as my Internet Connection is 1940's Broadband. :D

So, give your prices and what you can offer and we'll see how it goes. It's only for today and probably tomorrow too.

I have a spare HD available on my server. This way you can store your backups on my server without interfering with the rest of my data. It's got about 200GB.

How much do you need? And what kind of assistance are you looking for?

Guys, if you read my post, I did state "Not 100% sure how much space is needed..." :p

I would estimate, if all data is compressed, about 10 GB would suffice. But then I could be wrong.

@ Josh, I will need the provider to remotely transfer the accounts from my server to yours. My Internet connection is crap and keeps disconnecting (Wireless) so it would take me ages to connect and reconnect each time the Internet decides to have a snooze.

I'm happy to lend you a VPS. Contact me via live chat @ geeklayer.net if that's something you'd like (or aim, msn, or a ticket, up to you) - $10 is how much the cPanel license costs, or you can simply transfer your cpanel license (if you have control over it) to the VPS. Let me know if that would help out, I'm more than happy to help out a fellow FWS'er :)

- Hunter Hastings

We offer remote backups (10GB for $8.95), I believe this would be an efficient way to move your data. It comes with FTP, web access, rsync, ssh access.

PM me for more info.
Guys, thanks.
I got it sorted for now. Transfer is currently in progress.

@Eclouds, I will definitely be interested in getting a package from you once the disc is sorted for Daily Backups. Please PM me more details and a link for info.
I will have a look and possibly purchase next week.

Thanks again guys for the offers. I do appreciate it.

I will close this now.

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