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The Challenges of Moving from IPv4 to IPv6


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  • Compatibility: Unfortunately, IPv4 and IPv6 are not compatible with each other, which means that devices connected to the internet using IPv4 cannot communicate with devices using IPv6
    which creates a problem for organizations that have already made heavy investments in IPv4 infrastructure.
    However, this challenge can be addressed through the use of some technologies which are called transition such as IPv6 Tunneling and translation.
  • Cost: Implementing IPv6 requires large investment in new equipment, software, and personnel training which creates a significant burden for growing organizations that are already operating on tight budgets like startup businesses.
  • Adoption: Despite the many benefits of IPv6, many organizations have been showing slowness in adopting the new protocol. This is due to a lack of understanding of IPv6, a lack of support from service providers, and a lack of urgency to make the transition.
Can you Use IPv4 and IPv6 at the Same Time?
Surprisingly, yes you can use both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time. In fact, most modern operating systems and network devices support both IPv4 and IPv6, and are configured to use both protocols simultaneously.

However, choosing between both the protocols depends mainly on the other end the device is connected to, if it can support both IPv4 and IPv6 that’s ok.

But if it supports only one protocol then your network device will choose to work with the supported protocol only.