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The Forum "Revolution"


New Member
So when everybody is enjoying all the forums/message boards communities out there, each of them using different scripts, but all of them being similar to or been built around the idea of Matt's Message Board script (Matt's script archive)... And then even free forums services began to appear and more and more forums services come out, all using either Matt's script or a similar one (e.g. WebBBS by WebScripts).

Then one day a genius thinks "hey maybe I could make an revolution to the forums..." then he started programming a new type of message board script, and there it comes, the great Ultimate Bulletin Board script, being the first of its kind, it received great comments and as time goes more and more people start to use this script.. Then the other experts around see this happening, and start to make their own, even BETTER than UBB! Then vBulletin, IkonBoard, etc come out. (there is more I think -- I don't remember their names)

Wow.. so there goes the story of the "forum revolution". So when are we going to have a new type of guestbook? a new type of counter? or a new type of whatever else there is out there? =) We need some geniuses around to do something. =)
Counters have evolved, from simply ASCII based counters, to image counters, to image counters that create images on the fly. Not to mention counter services (webtrends, hitbox, thecounter, linkexchange).

A new guestbook though, there's an idea. And what we really need is a new form of internet advertising! hehe
Hmmm... a new for of counter? yea, these current one's just arn't good enough are they? ;)

What else does a counter need to do? You can have Java flashy ones that count, image ones that count and text ones that count. If you were creative enough it wouldn't be hard to put a live counter in a status bar or page title... now I ask "what else does a counter need to do?" :)
there are java counters that are real time.. :)

for example.. you go to a site.. it says 120,032 visitors.. and then suddenly someone comes.. its like an odometer and it changes to 120,033.. and it adds one whenever someone comes by (in realtime)..

now just imagine if you put that counter up on a site like ebay.com... i wonder if it'd ever stop moving..
I'm probably in the minority, but the only type of counter I put on my website would be ASCII-based. I don't like the simple image ones, or the java ones. They just look kind of out of place to me. I really don't use counters because they are so superficial. I mean you could easily set that thing to say 20,000 hits or whatever. That and visitors probably don't care how many people have been to your page. Maybe they did 6 or 7 years ago when the web was a barren wasteland, but not anymore ;)
A new revolution of counters: You have to accurately guess how many hits that site has, or else your hit will not be counted. It'll be fun to see that Yahoo! has about 20 hits per month :)