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The North Korean issue


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I've always been interested in North Korea and was wondering if any others were, too.

Here are a few very recent articles:
I know a lot of the stuff that NK has been putting out is rhetoric; however, seem they dead-serious on launching a ballistic missile. - At a time where tensions are especially high between countries all around the Korean Peninsula. (Japan, South Korea, US, China, Russia etc) I also understand that NK have done similar actions like this before. But, they have never threatened the US with nuclear attack, which is somewhat worrying.

I don't see much happening, personally, but it's quite disturbing how things have been developing the past 2 weeks. Discuss! :)
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Disturbing indeed JJ. Maybe even confusing. I've become very skeptical about the news though. I sometimes wonder whether all of these releases have been filtered down the media to get us to be informed according to an agenda. I'm sure there are pieces of the truth, however coloured just enough to work on us in a certain way to get a desired result.

Regardless however I'd say that one has to take any country that is about to launch a ballistic missile seriously, particularly one who cannot shoot straight and has a reputation for missiles going off target. I'm dead certain the US is keeping a close eye on the situation. Not sure what other countries are doing however, so would be interested to know what the Government in England is doing about it? I know all the countries are voicing their concerns through the UN, but am wondering what they are doing in addition to that in preparation for an event, even if it is remote?
I don't think that they will attack the US. That will be a suicide mission, I am glad to come from the Netherlands tho.
South Korea has raised its threat levels

South Korea has raised its surveillance alert level amid indications that North Korea is preparing for a missile test.

At least one previously untested missile with a 3,000km (2,000-mile) range is fuelled and ready for launch, US and South Korean sources say.

Pyongyang has been making bellicose threats against South Korea, Japan and US bases in the region.

The threats follow tough new UN sanctions imposed on North Korea last month following its third nuclear test.
Aint ---- gonna hgappen


I had the same opinion for a brief period, but I don't know anymore. I've been following the developments closely, weeding through the sensationalism etc, but I'm really not sure about this anymore.

Also, they may just be launching the missile to commemorate Kim Il-Sung, like they did in 2012. However, this time they could be launching missiles at a time when every country is pissed at them, so I think both sides reactions could possibly lead to war. Either way, we can only wait to see what happens next. :ninja:
I had the same opinion for a brief period, but I don't know anymore.
Agreed. If one deals with an unstable country anything is possible. They may not target the US but there is a chance that the missile could go wild and hit something potentially disastrous. If South Korea is going to all the effort of emergency precautions there has to be at least something to be worried about, particularly along "just in case" lines.
Don't think anything will happen. Even if something did, the civilians of North Korea would suffer. Sanctions are already imposed for their actions, they'll just get worse. The cynic in me comes out in moments like this.