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This Host still in hosting Biz?


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http://advantahost.com has been down 3 days now my emails to them are bouncing and I was wondering if anyone here knows or has heard of them. I found them and signed up with them from this board.


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Apparently AdvantaHost is also http://v3host.com

Do a search at WHT if you haven't already.

All the talk of Timmah in the Advanta/V3 threads doesn't look like a good thing though...


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Maybe try the contact info in their whois?

Registrant Contact:
Advanta Corp.
Maria Lincavage (internic@advanta.com)
FAX: +1.2154445434
Welsh and McKean Rds.
Po Box 844
Spring House, PA 19477

Vhost registrant details are totally different

Hocone Pty Ltd (VHOST-DOM)
1/84 Milson Rd, Cremorne Pt
1/84 Milson Rd

Domain Name: VHOST.COM

Administrative Contact:
Wotherspoon, Ross (RW1375) rossw@VHOST.COM
Hocone Pty Ltd
8 Belmont Rd
+61 2 9960 1473 (FAX) +61 2 9960 6940


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Think I will go with WORLDZONE

Worldzone Pro has been aroung for awhile and sence I like this forum and worlds free service. I guiess I can trust this Host.
When you get ripped of with hosting and all the time you put into something i kind of makes it hard to choose a host again.


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Jan, I dunno where you pulled that whois info from, but it's actually:

John McCloud (info@v3host.com)
Toll Free Number Com
FAX- Coming Soon
PO box 655
Brundidge, Alabama 36010


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Do you think v3Host.com

Will be back on line and dont you think they would let people that pre paid them for a year know they were going to be down for a week?


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If they knew they were going to be down for a week I am sure they have let the clients know, but I don't think any host ever *plans* on being down for a week :eek:

<edit>Beau, I am sure I need a break :p want to take over? :biggrin2:
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ty Jan

Jan you have always been a great help.. So take a break and thanks. Early morning stock tips watch these stocks climb. WEL CXI FCEL PLUG. These will be the strong winners in the next few days. Yes even in this down market.


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still in hosting Biz

It is really nervous when your site is down and you can not use your e-mail. But every company has difficulties from time to time. To be honest we've also had some problems with one of our machnes last month. We've got a lot of work to resolve the problem and to provide our customers with quality support. So you don't hurry up to close :) this company.