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[Thread Closed] Anybody in need of hosting?

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Anybody in need of hosting?

One account to give away:

OK, so I got this reseller account (for free :) - can you believe it?)

No, the reason I got it was so that I could pass on some hosting accounts to other people, because I was already paying for my own hosting accounts.

I got some people on this account now, but they're hardly using any of their resources, so I'm gonna put some more out there.

First - some rules:devious2:

1. No warez, no porn, no MP3's - you get the picture (these aren't my rules, it's the conditions for me receiving this account in the first place)

2. If I lose this account (meaning: if anyone breaks the rules), I will do my best to find space and transfer for you elsewhere. But no promises, OK. This is more or less a precaution, I got no indication that this deal is turning sour. It's been up for well over a month now.

3. I'm no guru, so I can't really help you set up scripts etc.

What you get:

100MB space
3 GB bandwidth
www.yourdomain.com or subdomain hosting

EDIT: forgot to mention that you get access to Plesk control panel, so you can set up things on your own.

If you have your own top level domain, I'll throw some email accounts in there as well.

You get the picture... The usual bells and whistles

This is not an ad-thing. It's like a paid account, only it's for free ;)

OK, post here or PM me and tell me who you are and what you want it for. I'll pick one at my own discretion.

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OK um... personal graphix/anime type site. Need this space for the site and need everything with it. If you can help just PM me here or email me at: planetgraphix@ff-an.com

Oh I forgot there will be a forum run by PHP script and all I need is a subdomain


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My website is basically a portfolio for images I made as well as web designs/layouts. There's also a forum opened to the design community. I have my domain, artamir.net, but it will expire soon. My last host just died on me, so I'm looking for an alternative right now. :)

Thanks a lot, and I hope to hear back from you! You can email me at artamir@eml.cc since my pop server is down with the host. >_<


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Hello. I need a acount to post my collection novel (vietnamese language) .they all in pdf file . file size limit about <2mb .
My account now : blackmoont.web1000.com
Hope u can help me. I don't really www.mysitename.com , if it hard for u , u can give me subdomain . thanks .


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i need it for hosting a forum but i could use it for more i got me own domain so you wont need to worrie can i have hostin all i need is mysql x1 and pph n about 10mb space


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Free space

I pm you in regart of your free webspace. I am looking for an aco---- that has php and mysql for Star Trek Link site. Please let me know if i can still get the space. Email me at trektown@hotpop.com and let me know.


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I have my doubts there is any more openings for this. Only one was to be given out and that was several days ago. I think cirque should get back to us on this.
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