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Do You Use Voip

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Yup, i get Skype credit also to talk with my clients from US, UK and Canada with little amount of money. Also use land phone for connecting with the clients from Asia :)

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I use Vonage, and have used it since before they had money to advertise with. I recently went looking at other services, but none had what I was looking for. I have certain telemarketors that call all the time and I wanted to block them. Nobody has this.

So I ended up running the phone line from the voip box, to the computer, then to the house line. I have a voice modem on that computer. Then I have a program that monitors incoming calls and blocks flagged numbers and gives them the old "you have reached a number that has been disconnected ..." message as soon as callerID reports the incoming number. Then unavailable, anonymous, and out of area calls are put straight thru to voicemail. All other numbers ring my house phones and cell phones.
I personally just use my cell phone, but my dad has been using Vonage for a few months now. I haven't heard any complaints from him so far.
I havent used any VOIP service, dont see any use to. Dont have a house phone, dont want/need one. If im on the computer, ill either IM/email someone, or I can call them with my cell phone. No need for anything else.
I use Skype to talk to one person, and he's got Skype as well. So I wouldn't really say that's my main form of communication.

Home and cell, that's it for me. My uncle recently got some sort of VoIP service, not sure what company, but the voice quality is terrible and drops calls a lot. That's not exactly motivation for me to switch.
We do use Skype as a method of communication alongwith others like instant messengers, live chat, forums, email/helpdesk, phone, although it is not used as much as other methods.
Vonage is the best, i am using it for 3 month now
really good
cheaper than reguler phone with more features