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VPS Reseller?


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Does anyone know if a VPS reseller even exists? (As in you can resell the VPS plan, not a shared plan on a VPS)

If so, where?

Thanks :)
Hey there,

A lot of hosts will allow you to resell their VPS products if you contact them. Look around these forums for some hosts that offer VPSs and try contacting them.
I am sure you could find one. It all depends on if you want to just sell their plans, and mark it up, or if you wanted access to a HyperVM control panel and you buy a specific amount of specs and pay so much per month.
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Thanks guys. I guess I will contact some hosts. I really just want to resell whatever plans they had. Would be kind of nice to offer more than shared hosting :)
Usually if you speak to most VPS Hosts, they'll also agree to give you fixed discount on their plans once you have say 5 or 10 VPS' with them.
Is VPS reseller about getting a dedicated server and cutting it into VPS clusters to resell them? Or you just get a few VPS packages and find clients to sell them to?
If that's about the first thing then fastservers.net and serverpoint.com have this in their plans, if the second thing is implied - reselvps.net may come in handy.
Many places might even offer a VPS Reseller Package where you can create and manage the vps servers on your own, so there is no middle man involved (for say)
The only thing is, it would be more work than just doing normal Shared reseller. You would have to know something about the VPS software they use, and maybe you would have to get a minimum required sale margin /month. Like reselling dedicated, knowledge and money is needed.
Depending on what software the company they would resell from uses, and if you mark it as "unmanaged" or "managed", then that basically tells what you need to know. If its HyperVM and you mark it as unmanaged, then you won't need to know a whole lot. You will, however, still need to know the basics and some other server-management work.
I just came accross a fairly popular company which offers VPS reselling, check it out here:

(I'm not affiliated with the company at-all - however I do know someone who has a VPS with them and he says they are pretty good)

This is their discount plan:
1st VPS: No discount
2nd-5th VPS: 5% discount
6th-10th VPS: 10% discount
11th-15th VPS: 15% discount
16th-20th VPS: 20% discount
21st+ VPS: 25% discount

... I hope I'm allowed to post this in here!