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Want to know about HTML and web design

Master TJ

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You can learn HTML here... Its the best site to learn HTML! Its quite simple and awesome if you will use this site... Hope it will be helpful to you! :)


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Also Remember. Learning HTML takes time and lots of practice! You also need to learn CSS and a bit of Graphic Design! :)


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If you right click a html web page and select view source you will have some idea of what you are dealing with


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Many places to learn HTML

You can get a professional A+ certification or you can just learn about HTML on the web. I suggest asking your friends (who know about HTML) or checking out tutorials on the web.


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The best thing to do is simply to choose something you're trying to do, and rework an exist website to fit your goal. You'll quickly learn the basics of HTML/design structure, and from there you can fine-tune. W3Schools is by far the best Web resource.


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HTML stands for hyper text mark up language.It is very important for designing the structure of a site.You can learn it from the audio and video tutorials.You can learn it from w3 schools also.CSS is also used in combination with HTML.CSS is used for styling the contents of the site.


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HTML web design makes exclusive use of in hyper text language to create site pages. It promotes simpler sharing and processing of websites, irrespective of operating system, the computer platform and the type of device used.

Valid HTML codes are a must for designing highly user friendly and accessible HTML web pages. Every HTML site is made to go through a set of rules defined by the World Wide Web Consortium which describe the elements to be used, their attributes, the HTML document structure and their syntax.


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Most of the time i forget about HTML code and i get it from here.
and here
while i personal do not have much knowledge on HTML but they provide tutorial that easy to remember.
In addition to the above online Web design schools, I also came across the Website below. There are some basic tutorials that are free, and if one wants to go deeper, then one has to register. I particularly like the layout of the training videos and a great new design using HTML5: