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webdesign (split thread)


striking reality
i'll PM you in about a month or two :p my site's been permanently put on hold because my co-workers are too lazy to come up with a layout, and you can see that by the messed up non-error message I made for the index. :p
want me to try to make you a design? I'd need to know an idea of what attitude/content you want to present...

or, offer a contest.. the winner gets their name shown on the opening site for a week... ;)
are you sure you're up for it? then the contest would consist of make 1 main layout + 50 variations for 50 different anime series and japanese rpgs... :p:p:p

are you designing the site in PHP (or like language)?

if you are, it'd be a simple matter of changing a text header. (yeah, the easy way out)
i'm using PHP for the frontend. i need 50 different topbanners and one main layout.
i need it to be:

a 148x800 topbanner on each page (and it will vary)
no spacing between any cells
evident barriers between cells (black)
light colors for foreground
This thread was split since a private discussion started in response to an offer. Please don't go off-topic as a reply to someones offer. We wish to let those who post an offer to have their thread devoted to that topic. Thanks. Now back to this topic... ;)
sorry :eek:

if you can make a better design than my design guy, you get your name in the credits section :)
thanks, Peo.. I was wondering how we were going to do that...

needcgispace.... how is the general layout (positioning)? that is really the hardest part of designing a site, apart from the graphics...

I made the site tables to be 100% wide.. so, the width won't really matter, except for wide graphics.

I'll work on the other stuff (colors,spacing, etc) tomorrow.. I was supposed to be off my computer about 20 minutes ago.. hehe