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website content! pls review


New Member
pls review on my site .. i always change it's content because of it's sequence and the right format of the categories.

i need your feedback pls.
Are you referring to the homepage site listed in your profile here? http://teenrocks.netai.net/index.php?p=1_8

It's a clean design, however, I would strongly recommend you get a good domain name and a "proper" web host. All of the subdomains and footer links appear a little unprofessional. The hit counter feels really outdated.

I also can't really tell who your website is targeted at or what it's for. You've got games, music, videos, PTC, web hosting and services... you might want to consider more focus in one area. Also, I'm not sure what purpose the forums serve to your website.

Finally, your code has 19 XHTML markup validation errors! This means that the website may have problems in other browsers and mobile devices. This is the problem with "junk code" often generated by WYSIWYG editors (like "Free Website Builder").

You have a lot to work on, but at least the current site is not bad for a starting point. Feel free to PM me and I would be glad to assist further. Good luck!
Ok number one rule for any business website and this is a known fact, dark colored sites for business purposes generally tend to get less responses then a site with light and vibrant colors.

Black style sites are generally for gaming and similar sort of sites. With that said, based on what I have read and seen about the site, it states your a web hosting company and are involved with web designing and more.

Or is this not your business website and its a fan site, its alittle confusing.

Stay away from the site builders as if your trying to get ranked on search engines and such then I recommend building a site that is NOT generated but has your own touch.

The old saying you get what you pay for and in most cases it holds true.

The start of the website is good, but in chrome and Mozilla there are issues like Nik stated and will cause issues for mobile and other browsers.
The border style is good and appealing. Some of the text is very light (e.g. Echo 2items) at bottom. Also you need to change the font and increase the spacing between the lines.