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WF: cPanel/Fantastico, Instant Automated Activation, Domain and Subdomains


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Our cPanel Hosting is Totally AD-FREE. All hosting plans are available on your own domain or a subdomain of choice from the following:

All accounts come with Fantastico De-Luxe installed.

We have been established near the beginning of the year and we pledge to maintain our hosting permanent, and will not close down on you. All our accounts include Unlimited Features, without the need to pay for FTP access, or MySQL Databases.

Our guaranteed uptime is 99.5%.

Hosting can be paid with WF$, which can be earned for free by posting on our forum. The longer your posts, the more WF$ you will earn.
Remember, we have AUTOMATED account creation services! You can make your account right now, and then pay with WF$ later, this means you do not have to post before you get your account.

Plan A
10 Mb Space
100 MB Transfer / Month
Features Include (Email Ad's, MySQL Databases, etc)
Webalizer Stats
WF$ /per day: 1

Plan B
100 Mb Space
3500 MB Transfer / Month
Features Include (Email Ad's, MySQL Databases, etc)
Webalizer Stats
WF$ /per day: 3

Plan C
250 Mb Space
12500 MB Transfer / Month
Features Include (Email Ad's, MySQL Databases, etc)
Webalizer Stats
WF$ /per day: 5

Plan D
1000 Mb Space
50000 MB Transfer / Month
Features Include (Email Ad's, MySQL Databases, etc)
Webalizer Stats
WF$ /per day: 7

Custom plans are also avalible.

Visit Webmastersfreed.com to get your accounts now!

Hosting Terms and Conditions

Hosting is provided under the terms and conditions of MyGigHost, our sister hosting service.

Please ask any questions in this thread or PM us

Thank you for your interest.

P.S. We plan on introducing domain registration in the future as well!
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sorry, but it is a waste of time.

there are 'cheaper' post2host services.

maybe if you will make the service really free...
Thanks for the suggestion, we will discuss that and put it into consideration.

Meanwhile, there is something that I would like to point out. Several hosting services provide around 2gb of space just for a few posts. Most of these hosting services rely on that fact that most people never reach 2gb, and 'oversell' their services, e.g. if they had 10gb of hard disk space, they would allocate 2gb of space to 20 people, which multiplies to 40gb, 4 times than they actually have. This leads to a slow server, and occasionally, your host may cancel your account saying that you have 'abused' their services if you reach something near the disk space allocated.

At Webmasters Freed, not only do we not oversell our services, but we undersell. If we had 10gb of disk space, we would allocate 2gb of space to around 3 people, which multiplies to 6gb. This means that websites hosted on our server will not receive any problems in terms of speed, and resources-taking scripts such has vBulletin will run without any problems.

Of course, it really depends what you do with your hosting. If occasional downtime and a slow server is okay with you, then sure, go ahead with other services. This may be the case if you are just looking for some space to place your personal files - but if that's the case, why not use Gmail and mail the files to yourself?

Furthermore, WF$ in our opinion has, in a way, a monetary value. Thus, hosting accounts receive the same quality and support any other normal paid hosting service would give you. If our hosting goes down, we will return you with your WF$, and if the whole of Webmasters Freed does go down, we will return you with a cash equivalent.

So if this sounds all rubbish to you, give us a try for free. You can sign up for any account for free (without posting yet). If you feel that our service is no good, simply cancel your account, and if you like our hosting, start posting so you can pay back for it.
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Thanks a lot for your support. We are always welcome to join Webmasters Freed.

I understand that you may still not totally trust us, since after all, we are a new website.