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what about http://www.atjeu.com?


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I think that they look pretty good for 12:95 a month/ 20 mb space, unmetered traffic and $5 a month for each additional domain on your account.

What do you guy's think?


Justin S

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I've never heard of them, but you might want to look into the "unlimited traffic" bit. No host can offer this, so email them or check their TOS/AUP to see what "unlimited" really is...


Picka host that does not say unlimited traffic. I haven't checked out the site, but if that's what it says, I don't support them.


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Live and learn... In my experiance... A host that offers "Unlimited Bandwith" in all reality will allow you much less bandwidth when you read the fine print, than hosts with set limits. After looking at literally hundreds of hosts, the ones that offer "unlimited", are limited to less than 5 gigs/mo, while most "limited" hosts offer at least 10 gigs.
The trick is to figure out approximately how much bandwidth your site uses, add 50 percent (MINIMUM), and find a host that offers that. and if the host has "unlimited" or "unmetered" anywhere in the deal... run away FAST!
(Still waiting for someody to prove me wrong)


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NEVER host with someone that offers either
1. unlimited space
2. unlimited bandwidth

They ALWAYS are like, "well you can have unlimited space, but if you go too much, we will charge you for it."

Whats the logic in that! I haven't found a single exception to this so buyer's beware. Better to go with a host that is upfront with what they give so that there are no suprises!

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