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What do you guys think of Stas.net?


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I was wondering cos you guys probably know more than I do. See I'm building a site just for something to do, and it's probably over 100mg...lots of photo archives and crap like that. Anyway, they sau they offer unlimited *ahem* space with no ads or bandwidth limits, and it's a free web host and I was thinking of using them to host my site.

I was just wondering if you guys have any information about them...are they fast, slow, complete assholes etc.

Thankee sai :)
100MBs of photos 'and crap like that'? Yeah right, I have a royaltee free photo database on my computer with over 800 pictures and it's only 55MBs. Lemme guess what the 'and crap like that is'....

ummm actually, you'd be way off. I'm making a site for one of my favourite bands....lots of photos, midi files, stuff like that. Completely innocent. Gawd you people think that everyone's out to break the law. Y'know some people could take offence when you make assumptions like that. all I wanted was information and you start accusing me....get over yourself

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Ummm, if you make a site with your favorite bands and upload their music it IS illegal.

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Calm Down Calm Down ..... Stas.net have been around for a long time. But be ware of the unlimited bandwidth theres no such thing. Put your site on fortunecity or geocities. Id s\ay at geocities as you only get 1 square little banner at the top of your page. Not sure of the space but u can have as many accounts a s you wish.
thanks technics.

It's kinda important to have no ads, though cos they want it to look proffessional. They're trying to get a record real, and they think maybe a site would give them a slight advantage.

Anyways, thanks again. I'll try them :)
Another suggestion could be to get 5 f2s.com accounts. Calling them yourband1.f2s.com and yourband2.f2s.com and link them all together because they do not put ads on your site.
If it is really important to them, a paid account might be more of what you are looking for. For around $10/mo you can get everything you've ever wanted and have it look more professional.
Thanks guys. I'll probably go with the f2s.com idea and if that doesn't work out, I'll look into a paid account.
Stas.net is good :)

Stas.net is a good server, they have unlimited space (like they say), and there are no ads. I have used them for my previous website and am going to use them for my upcoming site.