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What do you guys think?


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Any legal buffs what do you think is all about freedsl.com's 200 dollar cancelation fee. I sit real? and i would like any opinions on it. I have read reports from dslreports.com that say it is good (user testimony). Thanks
I talk to a FreeDSL(winfire.com) rep the other day. Asked him a few questions.

I will give you the low down of what he told me.

Okie, I asked them about their 19.95 a month(3 months free) deal with the $99 modem. Well it's a instant Rebate. Your paying 19.95 for the speed upgradeadn banner free service. I asked them about the 200 cancelation fee. Well, they charge this cause the FCC charges them for DSL setups, BUT (yes there is a BUT) ... if the connection you get sucks ass. They will pay the 200 bucks and disconnect the DSL for you. I fotgot the time period that you have to check this out. I think it's a week. For everything to pass and get your service you of course have to check if DSL is available in your area. Then it takes around 4 weeks for you to get your DSL. they will come out 3 weeks from the time you talked/signed up with Winfire and after they have the line setup for you they will send out the modem, which takes about a week. so total of 4 weeks. I asked them if it is possible that I can use my own modem yes, BUT it's a special modem and I looked around for it ... but couldn't find it ... you can find more info on the modem at their website. Under the price plan it has the info in small print:D

Anyway ... I hope that can help you. The service is awesome if you have the Main box no more then 2 miles away from you and you have a 200+ computer which I know most of you do.
Originally posted by Devine Kos
I signed up with freedsl over 7 months ago and did not get jack so I would be cautious if I were you.

If your talking about the FREE MODEM thing ... you had to get a certain amount of people signing up under your name. BUt a lot of people said it was a fraud but they still signed up with them anyway since they got a deal with them. IFthats what your talking about then that's the info I know .. if you signed up with them for a pay service and they haven't gotten to you yet. Call them up and complain thats what I did. I never ended up signing up with them. I am waiting a bit. Seeing if the local DSL/Phone comapny will lower their rates.