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What happened? Why is this place so dead?

Good point JJ. I've noticed it too. Particularly in Free Website Hosting Forums. I wonder whether smart phones are playing a role as well. People prefer to use phones, and with the limitations of phones, are making less and shorter posts. Blogs seem to have become more popular too at the expense of forums.
I think FWS is in need of some more high quality backlinks to generate more traffic. I have liked FWS on Facebook already a few weeks ago and I am planning of linking to it from a couple of my websites in the near future.
As I've said before, free hosting isn't what it used to be. There are very few people who actually have legitimate reasons for free hosting anymore. People don't need it to host their pics, etc. They just use Facebook for that now. Free hosting has become a place for spammers, DDoS'ers, a place to host illegal files/mp3's/movies, etc.
I'd partially agree with you WSWD. I'm a member of two Free Hosting Forums, and there is still a need out there for free web space, but yes, the needs are not on a professional level to the equivalent of a few years before. I'd say most of the needs are for experimenting with Website ideas and Website mock-ups using the Website space as a sand box of sorts. Quite a few are into discussion forums and blogging for a hobby, particularly using Word Press that can turn into a headache for Admin and Mods when the software is not regularly updated or the Forums not properly maintained. Some use the Website space for school as well.
so, there isnt a lack of good free webhosts?

There's a surplus, with a lot of young startups folding quickly due to market saturation.

The problem is lack of good clients, it's hard to find people who expect a reasonable capacity for a fair price and aren't going to do anything illegal with it.

Most of what's left is people who want everything free of charge so they can share a pirated movie with their friends.
so, there isnt a lack of good free webhosts?
If you came to that conclusion from my previous post, I was not responding to availability of free hosts, but to the statement that free hosting has become a place for spammers etc. There are free hosts who still maintain a decent quality of hosting. I completely agree however that there are only a few of them left and that they are very hard to find.
I guess after a few thousand posts a person kind'a gets rooted here. The connection becomes an umbilical cord of sorts. :p

But not forever!
"I came, I examined my webhosts, and I am satisfied" so I don't visit much here anymore either. : )