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What is NLC and how do i earn it?

Discussion in 'FreeWebspace.net Feedback' started by whatthenet hosting, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. I have seen a few profiles with "NLC".What is it and how do I earn it?
  2. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    You have some 900 more posts to go to reach this level of awesome. The first three members to reach 1000 posts was Nick, Lex and Coolin - NLC. Or the No Life Club.
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  3. joyce22

    joyce22 Member

    Very fruitful information you shared mate.
  4. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    You need 1000 posts for that ☺
    whatthenet hosting and joyce22 like this.
  5. joyce22

    joyce22 Member

    Thank You! Trying to reach there.

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