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What registrar do you use?

What registrar do you use?

  • Godaddy.com

    Votes: 9 29.0%
  • Namecheap.com

    Votes: 8 25.8%
  • Domainsite.com

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Networksolutions.com

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 11 35.5%

  • Total voters
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I use daddyGo.com :p I just register and change NS's so I don't understand how one could be better than another, maybe support? Enlighten me please.


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I've finally gotten all of my domains transferred over to NameCheap now.

I originally used http://register4less.com back in the day because they were the only registrar accepting PayPal at the time.


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Globenames is good... globenames.supersite.myorderbox.com

I kno it is not dev'ed yet--- But kool prices and nice fast support


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All of them plus many others.

My vote went to domainsite.com as it is where I purchase the most .com domains.


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I used both namecheap and godaddy.
Transfered all my domains to godaddy since they had a multi-domain edit tool.
It's only after the transfer I found namecheap's multi-domain thing :)

And now godaddy's domain admin panel is much improved.

Godaddy is ok, they are a huge company although don't accept paypal.. And a tad bit to much security..

Namecheap, the best I reckon.. Paypal accepeted, add funds to your account, quick and easy and safe.

I go with namecheap overall.


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I use daddyGo.com :p I just register and change NS's so I don't understand how one could be better than another, maybe support? Enlighten me please.
to be better then the other could be:

cheaper domain offering then others.
live domain activation
free dns hosting
reability NS servers


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NAMECHEAP.COM is by far the best for me, I moved all my domains from godaddy.com to namecheap. Name Cheap has excellent support and also the interface is simple. When I'm purchasing a domain at namecheap.com I don't get hammered the hundreds of offers like godaddy.


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The domain registrars I use are the following:

Domainsite.com - I have 7 domains with them, and I haven't received any problems whatsoever. They have a nice easy to navigate control panel.
Namecheap.com - I like there control panel, and the service they provide is nice
Godaddy.com - I find that the control panel is to cloggy
Registryfly.com - Just like Namecheap, there contorl panel is easy to navigate around
Yahoo SmallBusiness! - I wish I never bought a domain from them, they only allow credit cards, but I guess I can't really sell the domain since the domain cannot be transferred - which is a downer.


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They're all crap, because they overcharge.

I use http://www.optinom.com/
they overcharge...?

Ok, i guess these guys might be cheaper, and i know this might seem off topic, but ive just got to point something out.

I just now built a custom plan with optinom hosting to discover prices, i had the following specs

Space : 5Gb
B/W: 50Gb
20 email adresses
50 Mysql
and just about nothing else, except for ssl managment and a few other options (not costing more than 5 USD) and the calculated price per month was ................ OVER 500 USD PER MONTH !!!!! you can get a top end dedi from a very reliable host for less than that.

so yeah, they might be cheap for somethings, but NEVER get hosted with them.their only market must be rich people with websites who dont know what to do with their money :p
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