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What's the problem with Worldzone?


New Member
I don't know what's going on lately on Worldzone, I can't access my site nor the main page, the forums are down too.

This is beginning to get frustrating, really, since I signed up these are the problems I've endured:

1. Slow. They were under some DOS-based attack, so the server was slow.

2. Changing servers. Again, some more downtime, these changes were made to improve the service, but well, that lead to..

3. CGI problems. Once the server change was made, the cgi did not work properly, after some time, it was fixed and everything become ok for a few days.

4. More CGI problems, there were some abusive users who signed up for CGI so they could consume resources, this ended up making some problems for those other users who used cgi, there were some restrictions put up (you couldn't use cgi for more than "x" number of times in "x" amount of time)

5. A hard drive crash that destroyed the forums and some pages that were being edited at the time.

6. Forbidden errors. Problems to access the sites.

7. Some downtimes with the service, and when it was up, it was very slow.

8. As of right now, I am trying to access my site or worldzone's homepage, no response yet, connection reset by peer errors, try connecting again.

Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Worldzone, I think the personalized help is unique and the features are great, they have been passing through some hard times, I know; but to be honest it is getting just too tedious. Does anyone knows what's going on?? Are there some server changes? is someone attacking them?? a crash? a power failure?? are they cursed??

Just abusers. One script I found using php ran in a loop to continuously hit about 10 counters to drive numbers up. I guess these counters are used on porn pages. I would delete him and he's get another account and re-upload the same file. So I disabled php extention uploads till I learn how to stop that particular loop. I thought that would stop it, but I went to a movie right after, come back, and I'll be damned if he hadnt figured another way to do it!

Anyway, seeing as I dont know PHP very well, I certainly wouldnt know all the possible abuses. I am going to have our php updated to the newest patch release because I have found out there is a security hole that can be exploited in the last release (4.0.3?)...which may be what's happening here.

Does anyone here know how to make TOP list the directory instead of just the program being used? All I get is that the program is PHP, but it doesnt tell me what directory the call is coming from.