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Which Windows versions you like?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Hoster1, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Fahadking07

    Fahadking07 New Member

    Windows 8


    I love Windows 7 than 8. But I think it depends how you use. If you are using for professional purpose then you should select Windows 7/XP. For personal purposes Windows 8 is awesome.

    However, I am waiting for Windows 10 to arrive :)
  2. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Agreed. The return of the true start menu is certainly a step in the right direction. It looks like they may be on the right track, finally.
  3. WooWeb

    WooWeb New Member

    I like Windows XP.
  4. George S

    George S New Member

    My favourite OS, in terms of design and usability is Windows 7.
    However on my desktop PC I run Windows 8.1. It's considerably faster than W7 (especially boot times). I don't use any of the features it brings to the table such as the metro side of things, though.
  5. King-Servers

    King-Servers New Member

    Windows XP is the Windows version which I have used most and really like to work on it.
  6. Saul1

    Saul1 New Member

    I am using windows 8 on my Laptop and i have no issue, working fine.
  7. Vincentas

    Vincentas Member

    I have no issues with either of them, however, I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8.
  8. dorismadigan

    dorismadigan New Member

    I like Win7 & XP
  9. dandeedo

    dandeedo New Member


    I prefer windows 8 and windows 7.

    Thank You.
  10. nhaxinhdep

    nhaxinhdep New Member

    I like Windows 7 and Windows 8 or more hated
  11. Sisilian

    Sisilian New Member

    windows 7 is much more enjoying for me. Though few months back I upgrade my windows to 10. I would like to back it again to 7.
  12. Hurray

    Hurray New Member

    For me windows xp,Windows 7
  13. Rachel333

    Rachel333 New Member b&

    I like Windows 7, previously I used XP and also liked it. Actually I don't like only Vista.
  14. Kathy123

    Kathy123 New Member

  15. I like windows 7 operating system. It is easy to use and operate .Very convenient for the use of anyone.It is very much flexible and user friendly.
  16. Deepesh iyer

    Deepesh iyer New Member

    Currently, I am using Windows 10 Operating system and I like to use it.

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