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Why do some hosts....

Sain Cai

Beautiful Daddy
State in their Terms of Service that warez hosting/linking is not allowed, yet will reply to a post by a user that clearly states that warez linking will be done on his forum and then offer webhosting to this person?

Do these hosts even read the threads of simply just post blindly, then complain when they find out this person did exactly what he states to start with? :tired2:
i do realize, the facts that there is a lot of provider,
did not really read b4 they post.
sometime they just post without even read the minimum requirement...
I've noticed that too. Not only are there a lot of offers made in threads that are several months old that the OP found what they were looking for already, but quite often they either don't describe their plans and just drop link and run or don't read what was offered.

The fix for that is just report the ones you see with that issue, the mods here are very good about cleaning up stuff like that.
It seems like they copy their terms of service from another web hosting company (Even without reading!), that's the reason for this.
Some of them think that if they will get that user on board their recommendation will be higher...I do not believe in recommendations :)

I actaully tried to offer our free hosting, but after i realized that it's just a waist of time.
I think they either don't read the requirements, don't care what people do (unless someone complains) or are fully aware but just want the extra customer even if it's only for a month or two.