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Why won't people buy from me?


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Why won't people buy from my hosting?

Just because I don't have a nice looking layout, my contact e-mail is an @hotmail.com and my prices are too low?...
Hint: Posting this in the forum where everyone can see it isnt going to help. People dont want to buy hosting from a person/company who is wanting to know why people wont buy from them. Looks very unprofessional.

But why? That's what I'm asking

and if you ask me, any body posting here advertising their own services constantly, cannot be ~that~ proffesional.
CirclesHosting said:
Why won't people buy from my hosting?

Just because I don't have a nice looking layout, my contact e-mail is an @hotmail.com and my prices are too low?...

If your new to selling hosting, give it time, get the traffic, if people want your service then they will sign up. Good luck :)
Advertise and get your site submitted to search engines. You can get free submissions from submitexpress.com

Give it time. People will get to know your site after a while and start using it. :)
Your site doesnt look as professional as everyone else's I agree but to me that has never mattered. You can have the worst template or the best out there and that won't matter. It is how you do business, what you have to offer, uptime, bandwith, space, etc, etc. Like everyone has said. Just give it some time and you will start making it. I dont know who your a reseller for but they have some good offers.

Romeo :)

PS. No business, no matter what you start will be a success over a night. If it was everyone in the world would be billionaires and business owners.
You site doesn't look professional. There is no information on server and network specifications, no method of contact, no proof of 99.9% uptime etc etc etc.

Don't expect your hosting business to take off in a couple of days. There are a lot of similar companies out there. What you need to do is show how you are unique and build a up a reputation at a reliable, trustworthy host. :)
In my opinion, alot of it boils down to trust. Some kind of written guarantee to assure whomever signs up that their files/data is safe. I for one don't NOT trust you, but there's no written guarantee that I CAN trust you either. When people pay even $2 it still boils down to privacy and support, because safety and comfort are very important. I for one would throw $2 at a chance, as long as I felt comfortable. If you write anything up, even small for 'insurance/assurance' to customers, pm me and I'll be glad to give my opinion and offer any others!
In my opinion, more hosts inhabit hosting forums than those looking for hosts. Those looking can only choose one, so the odds are against you from the start. Look outside of the circle (pun intended :p), and try advertising in your local area. Don't be in a hurry, get a good reputation and soon you will have more clients than you can handle.
This is some pathetic post, and you wonder why no one buys from you?

1. You act like a kiddie
2. Asking stupid Questions in a public forum
3. Your whole site is unprofessional
4. Its pathetic..

:) I hope that helps :)
You do need to offer support other than hotmail - that does not say "professional".

If you are going to post "why wont people buy from me" then you should try to refrain from stretching the truth on your main page. Example:

40/50 Left
1 GB Web Space
10 GB Bandwidth
$2 US Monthly
--so in actual fact you have 10 people paying you $2 a month?

8/10 Left
5 GB Web Space
50 GB Bandwidth
$7 US Monthly
--and you have 2 people paying $7 a month?

4/5 Left
10 GB Web Space
100 GB Bandwidth
$10 US Monthly
--and 1 person paying $10 a month?

If all this is true, why complain?

You site is not secure either (people actually do look up these things)
SSL Cert: No valid SSL on this Host

Anyway, in the end it doesnt matter what we say here, or how many times we post what we offer. In the end people make thier minds up on who they feel they can trust.
From Circleshosting.com:

"The only difference between our service, and a proffesional company—is proffesionalism. Which you can tell by my spelling and web page layout."

I just have one thing to say to that...L....O....L.