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Working with dual monitors


New Member
im thinking to add a second monitor on my system

i would like to hear from ppl with dual monitor setup if this make them life easier and if does worth to have dual monitors

I've used a dual monitor setup, and it can be very helpful, especially when working on 3d-modeling, and when working with alot of data and multiple windows/programs. For gaming, don't bother, having the break in the middle will just screw you up, so you need a tri-monitor setup for gaming.
theraptor my main work on the computer is web development

when i work i have many windows and applications opened

also now i have an eizo 18 inch monitor (4:3) and i was thinking to add a 23 inch wide screen

this setup will work ?
I have dual 24 inch monitors and it does come in handy when I need to keep an eye on something, I just slide it over to the second monitor for easy access.
I have 3 24inch monitors that I use. It has its great advantages, especially if your monitoring servers/networks, have chat scripts open, or developing. However to day to day use most people will only lose the mouse pointer.

However the glow from the monitors does give me a nice tan.

Absolutely go for it! Dual monitors are the biggest productivity booster in the world (besides the iPad ;))!
Do you constantly switch between 2 or more programs in a normal line of work?

If that's a yes, then you'll benefit.
switch between 2-3-4 programs all the day

the 2 monitors have to be identical

i have an old eizo flaxscan L685 18 inch (even that is old is fantastic monitor)
and i want to add a 23-24 inch wide screen

this setup will work ?
for extending your desktop it should work, but it will take some getting use to do to the size difference. I was using a 17" and a 24" in dual-setup for a while.
I agree with theraptor, with the size difference your eyes will wig on you for a few.
Then again I am picky and all three of mine are identical make, model, and size.
I see people who have a dual monitor setup who have 2 different models and even different sizes, it makes me cringe.

I use two 20" apple cinema displays. They work so well together. Fit together nicely with no gap. The border is pretty small too.
i just order the dell u2311h ultrasharp

hope the setup with 2 different monitors to work and make my life easier

i will post pics when i setup the system :)
here is how is look my office now :)

do i have hook both on the VGA (Gigabyte Radeon HD 5450 1GB)

or one in the on-board vga and one in the PCIex vga ?
My current setup.

Nice. I'm bout to have a tri-screen setup. But, I only have one monitor at the moment. The one above my monitor is my secondary, which I switch on when I need it. And then, I have the HD tv/monitor which I use when I wanna look over a clip or something.
Put it like this... I will never go back to a single monitor setup!

I'm lovin my duals, I get so much more done in a smaller time period.
I agree with WL-Michael, once you have duals you will never go back to one monitor. Kind of like dialup, I would go without before switching to dialup again.
Guys, check this out, if you have a second monitor on that's not being used, let winamp use it for it's visualizer (all can be configured in the visualizer settings). it's freakin' sweet that visualizer.