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xenForo it is!

I just tried to upload multiple files and it worked. There might be some limit on how big file size you can upload causing that problem for you. Try something smaller.

Can't find how to report a post on this theme.
You should see a text link at the bottom of each post saying Report.
Some usergroup permissions were not set properly. Can you see it now?
I'm lead admin on a popular mustang forum (link in my sig) and we run vB4 with no plans to change in the future. One of our competitors recently switched from vB to IPB (lolololol) and it was certainly not in their best interest, but oh well. Too bad for them.

I agree that vB5 is a piece of shit, but vB4 is still the leading choice for high traffic boards IMO. The CMS features on the vB4 publishing suite are really not that bad. We use it on our site and it's gone over well thus far with great reviews from our members.

So what is going to happen now for the rest of the FWS site? Run a separate CMS and bridge the two? That seldom goes over well. I'm sorry, but I just see this "upgrade" as another nail in the FWS coffin. I don't care what anybody says... I'm still a vB fanboy and I hate change, as do a lot of others.
I'm still a vB fanboy and I hate change, as do a lot of others.

The problem is that VB4 is no longer being developed. As more and more features are introduced in other software, VB4 will go away as well. Though maybe not...there are still people using XP and IE7. :p I was of the same mindset as you forever, until as I mentioned, the fact that a necessary PHP upgrade completely broke VB4, and they were not the slightest bit interested in fixing it. Sorry, not going to run insecure EOL PHP versions because VB can't get their act together. Quite literally the last straw with anything VB.
SO many big forums are moving away from VB.
So what is going to happen now for the rest of the FWS site? Run a separate CMS and bridge the two?
These days the social part of a blog or news site is the comment section. To build a site around a forum is for most situations not the way to go anymore. FWS started out as a directory back in 1996 and I added a simple discussion forum. At the time the dominating social part of a website was a guestbook.

As you mention deeplist, another option would have been to stay with vB4 or 5 and use the built in cms. That should work for a regular blog where the forum is the main part. I came to the conclusion though that apart from the forum FWS is a directory and not a regular blog. There is also the problem mentioned earlier with vB not updating vB4 anymore and that means it's not a long term solution.

Yes, the idea is to use Wordpress and try out a bridge. I know it's not ideal to use a bridge. We briefly tried that a few years ago and the server crashed frequently. This one looks more promising. But over all these years we've never had the same accounts for the forum and the directory so it's not a huge problem if the bridge idea doesn't work. Nowadays people sign up using facebook or twitter accounts and that's easy and quick anyway. Some would only want to sign up at the directory and some only at the forum.
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I guess I m a guy who does not like big changes. All the forum looks weird for me. May be it is more functional and useful. I do not know. It will take some time for me to get used to it. Never liked vB 4 too myself. Good old 3.8 :p
I honestly think it's the theme that looks weird. I don't care for it much either, to be honest.
If you prefer the default style of xenForo you can switch at the bottom left of every page where it says "Style Chooser".
Hi @Peo,
Where to change our signatures?


Normally you would hover over your username in the top right corner, and it should be the 2nd option on the left side, right under "Personal Details". Looks like potentially a permissions problem. I don't have it either.
Where to change our signatures?

I've updated signature permissions now. Please let me know if the old signature you had is not possible with the new permissions and I'll look into it. Permissions differ somewhat between usergroups.
I'm testing a new add-on limiting ads to 1 ad per 7 days in Web hosting offers. Please let me know if it's not working properly or you can't post.