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You need bandwidth so I need you!

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If you have a website you want to host or maybe just some files you want to share with your friends (yes it has to be legal... in all counties :shame:) then please tell me.

Though we have a website up it is not near complete and we are not considering our self’s up until everything has been heavily stress tested. Also from now on I will be posting on this forum under my new account hostod, I only used this rabidhosting account so old rh members would know where to go for hosting.

www.hostod.com is the web address in case you want to see how it's coming together. We are not open though and we are showing major downtime do to technical reasons (about 95% uptime right now :cry2:). But we will be able to keep a solid 99.9% up time before the doors are open to the general public.
As of right now we are not asking anyone to post. If you want to host something just ask and we'll give you an account.

As for not "a lot" as you say. It isn't cheap to give that much on a free hosting plan. Most people can't afford to do it so the claim to give you 100GB of bandwidth and just delete your account when you begin to use it. In fact I don't think you will find many if any hosts that allow you to host file downloads (email me any you find at hostod@gmail.com). Everyone is an overseller these days :cry2: so it's hard for people to find a good host. In fact we don't make you post for any other reason then to keep accounts under control.

If you can find a host that gives more then us and doesn't oversell and hide behind a no download rule please tell me the name so I can talk to them.
Sweet, you guys are going to give free accounts again! Can you create me a sub domain so I can help stress test? I'll host some half-life mods. Hope you bring the forum up soon.

For anyone that doesn't know this is the guy that used to host rabidhosting.com (used to be the best f**cking free host ever). You host with them you'll get some kick butt hosting.

email: hlmods@gmail.com
Ok, I'll set you up with about 5GBs of space and 100GBs of bandwidth. Host as much as you like we need to be 100% sure that the server can take the stress before we open the site for public use.
Hi there, I hosted my site www.hyip-status.com. Its pretty decent traffic wise, maybe 500-600 unique a day.

So I need maybe at least 400-500 megs of space, and at least 15 gigs of bandwith, do you think this is doable. Also can you make this upgradable, by payment if possible? And do you have backups? Well contact me by email.

Just the kind of higher traffic site we need to help us test this new server. Account setup and details emailed to you.

Like I said in the email if you use it all just email me and I'll give you more of whatever you need.
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Thank you
We're trying our best, but we still need more testers to make sure everything is stable and stays that way.

We will install Fantastico some time this week or next :classic2:

There is also a couple other things we aren't talking about until we open the forum and go "public".

Also, I'd like to add that our uptime is now 98%+ (since 95% when I posted hostod.com on this fourm). Not the 99.9% we are going for though, so we'll keep working.
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to test your site uptime- make a file that just has this (see content of file) untill the file is about 1.2 GIGs and name it Jarhead.wmv and put it on a Warez site. Greatest way to test server stability- i have done it before it works great and the "Feds" dont send any DMCA notices because it is just a filename :p

Content of the file:
BTW this only works for about 3 days untill word gets out that the file is a fake :p

BTW 98% uptime now :p
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